Thursday, July 9, 2020

Clunker Exchange

Happy Poetry Friday!

Thank you to Molly for this beautiful Poetry Swap package! Have I told you all how much I enjoy Poetry Swap? It's so much fun. 

Molly's poem, in conversation with Ron Finley. Poetry Swap 2020 

We are halfway through this year of writing opportunities. How's it going for you?

As usual, I have some good lines annnnnnnd some clunkers. 


I'm offering you as many of my clunker lines as you would like to tinker with in exchange for one of your clunkers. Your clunker might be a pot-of-gold for me! Please drop your donated clunker in one of the comments below. I'd love to know what line you are taking from me. But, it's not necessary. 

Thank you, to Ruth at 
for hosting this week's poetry Round-up. 


1.     Flinging off starlight and dew
2.     those plastic cups in the cupboard
3.     the wish is the thing
4.     I had an advantage, being the eldest of the pack
5.     kid sisters…cannon fodder for whatever little battle we could dream up.
6.     Heather Taylor walked into the third floor bathroom as I was cleaning dog shit off my shoes
7.     The thing about Gracie de Beers.
8.     Towels around our necks as superhero capes.
9.     The pure dark, dark blue of jealousy
10.  I couldn’t understand then the slippery walls that had to be climbed to get up and out.
11.  Insecurity is a scar I carry with me and it weeps when the jealousy hits.
12.  The privilege of making plans
13.  Sounds of the pandemic
14.  smiled more today
15.  a script we know by heart
16.  bit of comedic karma
17.  My mother had a basset hound named Otto.
18.  I was tiptoeing along the side toward the deep end.
19.  The path was the woods of home.
20.  He had one job—to be loud like he normally is at home when he saw a wave coming.
21.   Walking in the creek in the sunshine.
22.  Slow green river giving
23.  Thank you, Covid-19 for
24.  Friends bring friends water
25.  Writing about water is weird               
26.  Once upon a time, Rain  was just water                           
27.  Water from Home tastes best                                
28.  Success is scoring a case of water these days       
29.  Coffee is chocolate diamond water                        
30.  Water by Design                       
31.  Water is Creative in surprising ways      
32.  Read the water signs
33.  Not enough water to take the edge off that Guacamole
34.  Water is the purest form of Sincerity
35.  Freedom to water the lawn, at last
36.  Trust water to do the job
37.  Thanks be to water
38.  God is afraid of water                            
39.  Serendipity looks like a mud puddle                   
40.  Books about water were dripping wet                     
41. Not enough money to buy water         


  1. I love the idea of writing in response to each other's clunkers! Here's one of mine for a poem-in-progress for adults: "a philosophical manual on the human form." Good luck. I'll let you know which clunker I pick as my prompt!

    1. Thanks! I'll see what I can do with it. It makes me giggle just reading it.

  2. I love the idea of writing in response to each other's clunkers! Here's one of mine for a poem-in-progress for adults: "a philosophical manual on the human form." Good luck. I'll let you know which clunker I pick as my prompt!

  3. Yes to "Plant a revolution" I hope it sprouts and has many followers–beautiful found poem and package from Molly. And what a collection of clunker lines… BTW I love that clunker car! I took line 39 and am leaving…"Get your yahoos out." Thanks for all Linda!

  4. Hi Linda, This is a fun idea. How do you collect your clunker lines? I'm sure I have that many, but I revise them away to the trash. I did manage to find a poem I could never get to work with this opening line, "I wish I could explain." Good luck with it. I'll take "the wish is the thing." Perhaps it is just the right thing!

  5. I have to say that some of your so called clunkers are delightful, Linda! I smiled throughout your list - that has value! I like #39 - clearly! Hee-hee.
    Here is my clunker in exchange:
    "big cheeks (on your face) a plus"

  6. I'm working on one of your clunkers since I read through your list. What a fun idea.

  7. Linda, these are fantastic! So much possibility there. Not sure if this is a clunker, but it drives me crazy when I hear people say, "It is what it is." I'm not sure why that line gets under my skin (maybe because it is so overused). : )

  8. Looks like you've been trying to write about the pandemic and water...and both have slipped through your fingers!

    I'll take #12 and leave you with "in a yard strewn with acorns."

  9. What a wonderful package from Molly. She certainly gleaned a power-packed poem from Ron Finley's words.
    Here is a clunker from a poem I've never finished. Truth be told, I'd completely forgotten this moment; “My tooth fell out!” our hero wailed,

    Oooh... I do love 'Coffee is chocolate diamond water' - but I don't think you need to do anything more to that than add photo and formatting. :)

  10. Forgot to mention that Molly's swap to you is visual treasure.


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