Thursday, November 24, 2022

A Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving, Poets!

Poetry Friday Round-up

By: Linda Mitchell
Yield: Infinite
Prep time: 20 min. – 2 days
Total time: One Friday to a lifetime 


    Poem reading | to taste (research can be used as a substitute) 
    Whatever inspiration you have on hand. Mentor texts work well 
    Writing | to one’s liking 
    1 pinch editing 
    Handful of Photographs, video or illustrations 
    Smattering of links 
    1 Blog (a blog of a friend will do) 
    1 Poetry Friday badge 


    Spend some time reading poems until inspired to jot down thoughts. Use the notes to draft an original poem or, find a poem of similar theme from any source. The Poetry Foundation, Poem Hunter, American Academy of Poetry and No Water River are great stores of poetry. However, you are not limited to them. You can go rogue.
     At some point, gather all thoughts, original or found poetry and arrange in a post on your blog. Fold in photographs or illustrations one at a time. Sprinkle with links—especially a link to the round-up host. Don’t forget to edit. Reading your work aloud helps. If you do miss this step, it’s acceptable to revise a post…even after publishing. 
     Once published, find the Poetry Friday host online blog. Read the post thoughtfully and add a link to your post as directed. Take a moment to thank the host for the time they spend sharing your post and poetry worldwide.  Thank you, Ruth for hosting the round-up this week at There is no such thing as a godforsaken town.
     Visiting all the Poetry Friday blogs is not required. However, if the spirit moves you, visit to several Poetry Friday blogs. It is helpful to reader and writer. Write comments that highlight the good and well written poems. When possible, mark your post with the Poetry Friday badge. 

Special Information 

    Poetry Friday is open to anyone who wishes to participate. There are no additional requirements, fees or calories! Some blogs specialize in poems for teachers or children. Others serve as great anthologies…while others offer original work.
    Mary Lee Hahn sends out a call for hosts twice a year (December/July) and arranges a calendar of hosts. Several participants offer special events such as poetry swaps, monthly challenges and postcard exchanges. These are not required but can be frosting on one’s cake! 


What stars did the Pilgrims see? There's a new haiku on Star's padlet. 


  1. A wonderful recipe! I read it carefully and will try to follow it as I round up! :-)

  2. Delicious Recipe poem Linda, I'm savoring every bit of it! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, thanks!

  3. Perfect! I'm here with a plate and smile, very grateful for a lavish serving, please.

  4. I wish I had had this recipe in hand for our session at NCTE. A wonderful combination that I am so grateful exists for us to indulge!

  5. Ah, this is something to link back to as an explainer! I love that the yield is infinite - one Friday to a lifetime. Not a lot of recipes manage that!

  6. What a lovely post, Linda. And thank you for the reminder to use your badge! I had downloaded it a while back (okay, ages ago), but I had never inserted it into my various PF templates. I've done that now. Your post is such a great reminder of this generous PF community!

  7. Lots of recipes abound in Poetry Friday land this week, Linda. Love those action verbs -smattering, pinch, gather. Every good recipe includes such vivid verbs. Your poem has been cooked to perfection.

  8. Oh, what a tasty and handy concoction! THIS recipe will surely be handed around and down the generations. Thank you, Linda, for being part of the delciiousness that is PF!

  9. A Poetry Friday recipe to love and use-Linda, this is a clever recipe for poetry lovers. Because of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I am in post Poetry Friday reading mode. I am delighted to be part of this amazing community of poet/doers! Happy Holidays to you.


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