Thursday, April 4, 2024

haiku sequence about poetry without mentioning poetry by name

Hello Sweet April Poets,

I am back from a wonderful spring break full of family time. My batteries are charged!

Mary Lee challenged the Inklings to write a haiku sequence about poetry without mentioning poetry by name. It's been fun writing in a negative space of ars poetica.

Thank you Irene for hosting our round-up this week at Live Your Poem. I love your website's origin story. 

haiku series

winter lights lower
trees open programs – snap
a reading begins

awkward, oafish clouds

fumble loud through rumble lines
to scattered applause

rain recitation

repetitions of sorrow
green pushing through mud

sun rises, rhyming
with yesterday yet warmer
a red-wing blackbird

bluebells of the woods
bring listeners to their feet
bravo! little ones

Redbud knows a thing
or two of intermission
wind breakers zipping 

pollen drunk bees
bring down the house with ballads
summer ends this show

Not one but TWO world poems on the padlet this week...gotta keep up with the weeks!

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  1. Dear Linda, I love this challenge of ars poetica without mentioning poetry...and how your responses really engaged our ears and the oral/auditory tradition of poetry...I especially love those windbreakers zipping! Thank you. xo

  2. Linda! I forgot about this and what a wonderful surprise to encounter the Poetry Show again. There is something special happening in every single haiku--a case in which the mashup works beautifully! I might like "rain recitation" the best--but it's hard to choose.

  3. Dear wonderful Linda, You astound me. The Inklings. poets are creative & this is energetically shown with your lively lines. To have the redbuds bursting from bark as windbreaker zippers is exceedingly inventive. You rang my chime with the bluebells [as we have walked among them in a woods recently on family time for us, too] but O, your "bringing down the house" drunk bees made me LOL as a muscial band of them are zooming around outside, as we speak.
    Appreciations for this joyful images & movements & sounds.
    Happy Poetry Month First Weekend!

  4. Oh, I loved going to the poetry reading in the woods. So beautiful, and it makes me feel that reciprocity of nature somehow. We know them, they know us.

  5. I couldn't love this more. Nature at the ultimate poetess. All my favorite spring characters make appearances. Bravo!

  6. Glad you had a wonderful spring break, Linda! I truly enjoyed your haiku collection. Your last poem really brought it home! 😊

  7. Great that you had a nice break, Linda. Everyone is back here, too, this week. I don't know which one I love best but when reading all your images, I think you are way ahead of us for spring. I do adore "bring down the house with ballads". Poetry indeed!

  8. Enjoyed your haiku offering Linda, with its subtle references to poetic actions gentled sprinkled within. As challenges go, you have risen to it with distinction.

  9. I love this SO much, Linda! Framing your series as a springtime production was brilliant, and your word choice is just fabulous throughout. Each haiku stands strong alone, but as a! Applauding wildly here!

  10. Wow Linda, these are lovely how you’ve woven the bits of nature and seasonal related bits into the recitations and performances. Love the “drunken 🐝s too—thanks for this treasure collection!!!

  11. A wonderful collection of poetic goodness, Linda. Thank you!

  12. Oh my, Linda! Your series is beautiful and dramatic. I love it! I love how you take us through spring and summer with nature in a show. I love each haiku on its own and they are magical together! Your first line, winter lights lower hooked me. Gosh, it's difficult to choose a favorite. Your sequence moved me. I think more people should read the magic you spun here. Maybe you can find a place to publish this? Here are some of my favorite lines:
    "tress open programs-snap, to scattered applause,
    rain recitation
    repetitions of sorrow
    green pushing through mud,
    sun rises, rhyming
    with yesterday yet warmer
    a red-wing blackbird," (I love their sounds and watching them fly fast.)
    "bluebells of the woods" (Bluebells are a favorite flower that I wish could grow here in NY.)
    "bring listeners to their feet
    wind breakers zipping" (I love red bud trees.)
    "pollen drunk bees" (I think this is my favorite line! I have a beautiful pollen covered bumblebee image in my head from some pics I took of a drunk bumble bee in an off-white Rose of Sharon bush in Saratoga, NY. The bee has so much pollen on him that you can barely see him! There must have been 25 bees just like him getting drunk in the afternoon. What a sight. Thank you for reminding me about those shots I took.)
    bring down the house with ballads" Linda, you have lifted my with your haikus. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and joy. Would you mind if I write your sequence in my notebook with a copyright sign by your name so I can study your words? What a treasure. :)

  13. PS I'm so happy for you that you had a rejuvenating spring break. Also, I want to thank you for the beautiful artwork and poems you mailed me for the new year exchange. I love your poems and artwork!

  14. Love "pollen drunk bees"! I can see them, legs laden buzzing in circles as summertiime nears.

  15. Linda, I'm happy your spring break was fun! And what a cool haiku series. You gave such an original response to the prompt! Can't wait to read the others' pieces too.


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