Thursday, December 26, 2019

STEAM Themed poetry

Goodbye December...goodbye decade!

Are you having fun in the countdown? Scribbling lots? I hope so. Many thanks for writing friend, Michelle Kogan for hosting today's round-up on her beautiful blog.

On December 11, Teaching Authors interviewed poet-author, Kimberly Hutmacher. She shared a bit about how non-fiction and poetry writing often meet up. At the end of the interview she challenged readers to write a STEAM poem.

This year, all students in our school are involved in the district science fair for the first time in a while. I've been developing lessons to support the teacher's work in getting kids involved in Science Fair -- and having a blast. 

The challenge to write a STEAM poem met up with my recent science experiences and December's Writing Challenge at Ethical ELA.   I'm sharing a 'Skinny' and a 'Fib' poem from the week of prompts given by Glenda Funk

“The First Flight (U.S. National Park Service).” National Parks Service, U.S. Department of the Interior,

Kitty Hawk
December 17, 1903
flight —
…twelve groundbreaking seconds.

(c)Linda Mitchell

Bain News Service, Publisher. Mme. Marie Curie. [No Date Recorded on Caption Card] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, .

Who Was Marie Curie?
A Fibonacci poem

that she
was barred from
learning beside boys
Maria Sklodowska was bright.
in secret school for girls, learning
mathematics and sciences
to Sorbonne University.
she sees
new atoms–
polonium and
radium. Stunning breakthroughs.
cannot be ignored!
A Nobel Prize for Maria.
not hide
this learning.
Now Madame Curie–
renown atomic physicist.
(c) Linda Mitchell

Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Most Wonderful Gift

Oh, my goodness...we made it to Poetry Friday!

What a day, what a week, what a season. I'm happy. There's so much good abounding in preparing for holidays.

Thank you, Buffy Silverman for hosting our round-up. I'm also basking in the shower of gifts that came with this Winter's Poetry Swap. Again, thank you Tabatha for being the master elf that makes sure it happens.

This year, my swap partner is Molly of Nix the Comfort Zone. Molly helps me see more of the world that is...and what could be. She helps me write better. She's an inspiration.

I've written this blog post several times in attempts to share her beautiful swap gifts that I received. But, in the end, nothing beats the gifts themselves.


A new journal, friendly to our planet...and a new friend for my tree.

Molly's Bird photo-cards are a treasure

And, the best...poetry.

A Gift from Molly 2019

A Gift
by Molly Hogan

If I could,
I'd wrap up an hour
watching the birds
from my garden window.

I'd fill a box
with the simple joys--
the tilt of titmouse's tufted head.
nuthatch's upside-dow tree walk,
and cardinal's crimson flash.

I'd add whooshes and flutters
and woodpeckers scalloping swoops
through the air.

Around them, I'd tuck a soundtrack
woven of the raucous squawks of jays,

the soft shuffle of sparrows
scratching the earth,
and the bright rustle of mourning doves
erupting in flight.

If I could,
I'd tie it all up with sunny ribbons
and strings of birch bark,

and gift you the birds...
the peace of the morning.

I am blessed. I am fortunate for the gifts of birdsong and sunny ribbons...grateful that Molly is a writing friend. I know I am better for it.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Poetry Friday,

What welcome matter what else needs to be baked, stamped, mailed, practiced, holiday-ed, remembered. 

There are several haiku hashtags this month. Haiku is also welcome respite.

Our wonderful Jone has shared a prompt per day list to work from:

I've been haiku-ing away. The challenge I've given to myself is to stay classic with nature haiku in that crazy don't-have-to-stick-to-it 5-7-5 form.

Here's some that make me happy. Enjoy!

(c) Linda Mitchell. Photograph by Molly Hogan. facebook. 12/8/19

steep the hill to home
steeper still -- heaven’s footpath
each step closer now

-Linda Mitchell

snow would not protest
this sleigh on silent runners
writing winter poems
-Linda Mitchell 

The talented and recently published Liz Steinglass is hosting our round-up today! Slide over for a visit.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

And like that -- December. How fast this year of writing, that began with one little word, true, has flown. 


It's time to come inside, find warmth, be still.

This first Friday of the month, my Sunday Night Swaggers are sharing a challenge: Beauty in the Un-noteworthy/Ugly.

Check out Molly's May '17 blog post where she first wrote in response to this prompt. I found some haiku embedded in her work there. 

like a star above
this burst of starling beauty
finds beauty within

a walk on the beach
more unexpected beauty
rainbow of colors

skeletal remains
have a delicate beauty
maybe we find poems

-Molly's words found by Linda 2019

Looking for ugly and un-noteworthy is challenging when you are more accustomed to looking for and noting the good, the beautiful...the worthy.
Paris '19
I turned to my camera roll for ideas. Recent photos made me think...maybe--graffiti? street art? I challenged myself to pair what could be considered ugly to a beautiful poetic form, a sonnet.

Paris '19

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Many thanks to

(fiction, instead of lies)

for hosting this Friday's poetry round up!

Paris '19