Thursday, August 20, 2020

Mixed Media Poetry #poeticdiversion

 Hello Friday, so good to see you! 

Have you seen the hashtag, #poeticdiversion?  It's a twitter space to share tweet-sized poems and poetic thoughts. Some of our friends are there regularly. #Poeticdiverson helps take the focus off stressful topics and onto something that's good, right, and poetic.

I've been collaging--a lot. Mixed media helps take my mind off of stressful things too. This week I graduated from greeting cards and bookmarks to a piece of art...just because #poeticdiversion. 

Mixed Media Poetry by Linda M.

Thank you to Ramona from Pleasures from the Page for hosting our round-up this week.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Clouds, Goethe and Science

 Hello Friends,

It's Poetry Friday. Thanks to Molly for hosting this week's poetry at Nix the Comfort Zone. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit her blog and see the beautiful poetry and photography she shares there. It's beautiful.

Sometimes, I come across an article that makes me say, WOW--like the one below.

Popova, Maria. “How the Clouds Got Their Names and How Goethe Popularized Them with His Science-Inspired Poems.” Brain Pickings, Amazon Services LLC, 19 Feb. 2017,

This article was a lovely playdate with poetry and science. I've never been a Goethe fan. But, I am a fan of his delight in meeting the namer of clouds. The language was so delicious. Lots and lots of lines for found haiku. Pick one to enjoy. I couldn't stop writing them.

we pause in wonder
since the dawn of our species
the magic of clouds

love letter to clouds
the eternal dialog
in science and art

his school boy latin
broken on a rock of cloud
to write poetry

the study of forms
quality of prayerfullness
humble young Quaker

so effusive was
the poet -- was happy to
join other circles

celestial clouds
inherent poetical of 
wholeness of nature

Words found and re-arranged by Linda Mitchell from: 

Popova, Maria. “How the Clouds Got Their Names and How Goethe Popularized Them with His Science-Inspired Poems.” Brain Pickings, Amazon Services LLC, 19 Feb. 2017,

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thank You Note

Happy Poetry Friday

On Monday, school begins for me -- virtually, thank goodness. It's not safe yet where I live. Already, it's very different. I'm trying to enlist anxiety as a friend and use its energy for reading, weeding the lawn, cooking...all the things teachers do to fill their physical, emotional, and mental pantries before the school year begins.

What a treat that Laura Purdie Salas is hosting our round-up today at Writing the World for Kids. Thank you, Laura!

I'm also thankful for a rich summer poetry swap managed by Tabatha. Spending time making something for others really helped me keep some positivity in my days. And, receiving poetry in exchange has been super. 

Here's a bit of a poetry swap conversation...

Thanks be to Water by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

I was delighted to receive the above poem with some handmade treats from Amy this past week. Imagine my delight when I saw that she had taken one of my clunkers from July as a start. 

There really is only one way to respond to such a gift...don't you agree?

Thank You Note

Thanks for hands
that milked the goat

then made that milk
into soap

added rosemary

a hint of mint,

spoon of memory--
and friendship.

Praise for hands

that knit soft squares

made to wash away

dirt and wear.

Bless the feet

that delivered here
love-made gifts 

with good cheer.

To close this note
I also thank
the goat f
or munching on

weeds and grass
someone’s lawn
for giving milk
her part

in a summer exchange

of poetical arts.


Linda M. August 2020

soap & washcloths 

Spiritual Art

Thank you, Margaret of Reflections on the Teche for prompting us to write about spiritual art today.

Last October, my husband and I were fortunate to travel to Roubaix, France. 

From Roubaix, we toured the exquisite city of Lille. After a day of walking and sight-seeing, our group was tired and most opted to return to the hotel to rest before dinner instead of an additional visit to a local art museum. 

Never one to quit on sight-seeing, I pushed on to La Piscine Musee-d'Art et d'Industrie de la ville Roubaix.

In my memories of high school French, I remembered that the word piscine had something to do with swimming....swimming?

I arrived at the museum and was delighted with art arranged in a 1930s, Art Deco style, community swimming pool -- turned museum. Not only was the pool area converted into a sculpture gallery, but the shower and changing rooms all displayed priceless art in very unique ways. 

There is no other appropriate reaction to entering the main salon than a gasp...the stained-glass windows of sunrise and sunset are the stars of the show that include stunning classic sculpture, paintings, prints and rare textiles. Every step brought me another gasp of delight and surprise. And to think--I had considered a nap instead! 

main salon and sculpture gallery--viewing the stained glass window, Sunrise

This unexpected visit to La Piscine was as stunning to me as my day at the Louvre. The unexpected design of the space energized and amazed me. It was an experience so full of joy that it that felt, a bit spiritual. I ended up staying until closing time. I'd go back in a heartbeat. If I lived there...I would visit regularly. 

Roubaix, France
October 2019

Art à la piscine

I thrilled to find Apollos there

blushing Aphrodites too

Art à la piscine

sculptures still and marble bare

gazed across the pool

Art à la piscine

I thrilled to find Apollos there

(c) Linda Mitchell--draft

The other end of the main salon...stained glass window, Sunset. And an Aphrodite by the pool