Thursday, August 11, 2022

A Blue Star from Scotland

Happy Friday!

I love a poetry swap.  This year, I knew I'd be summer traveling. So, I signed up for only ONE swap. And, what a swap it has been.

Jone Rush McCulloch and I are poets, children's librarians, and new-ish to the art of mixed-media collage. We have fun writing and making art independently and together. I was thrilled to summer swap with her.

Poetry on on poetry from Jone Rush McCulloch

Blue Star from Jone's travels to Scotland

A blue star from Scotland 
My friend traveled that way 
Star of tartan moors and thistle grand 
arrived by mail for me today 
Friendlight to see by -- now and always

(c)Linda M.

Thank you, Jone, Tabatha, and, Poetry Friday peeps! Head over to birthday girl, Margaret Simon's Reflections on the Teche for our round-up.

Jone's collage in my library already

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Going Rogue on a Sports Poem

Home again, home again jiggety-jig!

What a summer!

Seven weeks, three big trips, and tomorrow I meet with librarians from my area for a day of learning we call Ignite! I'm hosting at my for photos of our @pwsla fun on Twitter. We will share professional development, catching-up, raffle prizes, and ice cream!

Catherine challenged the Inklings in August to...

"Write a poem about any sport you have a connection to--one you participate(d) in or love to watch. Use any form you think works best. You could use Liz Steinglass's Soccerverse or any of the poems here as a mentor if you'd like."


Ummmmmm...I've written a sports poem. In fact, it's published in Rhyme & Rhythm: poems for student-athletes (Archer Books. 2021). But, this month I kinda blanked on a true sport. I'm not super athletic.

In the past, when stumped, Molly has advised me, to go rogue! I'm taking her up on that now.

ps: based on true experiences of my youth

Last week I was in beautiful Colorado and found some stars that are now on Star's padlet: padlet.

Thank you, Molly, for hosting our round-up today!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August 4th Spiritual Thursday

Thank you, Carol Varsalona for hosting SJ this month
at Beyond Literacy

Love this flower from a hike in Colorado last week

Thursday, July 28, 2022

July 29...The Last Friday

Hello Poets,

I am away from my writing table and in one of my favorite places -- visiting family. I return home Sunday and set my alarm for Monday morning--time to report to work. There are hundreds of rising sixth graders ready to learn about their new school. Wheeeee!

In the meantime, here is haiku inspired by this amazing pic posted on Twitter. I've also added to Star's padlet.

I'll catch up with responses as I can -- possibly from an airport gate. Thanks for reading, and for responding and keeping poetry alive over this summer.

Finally, thanks to  for hosting our round-up this week. I cannot tell you the number of poets and writers I have referred to her website for writing tips and support. She's kind of amazing!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Poetry Found Me This Week. You?

Hello Poets,

Except for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere...we are sweating away in my part of the world. I'm grateful that it's not as extreme for me as friends in the UK or the midwest USA. How are you all holding up?

This past week instances of poetry found me. I love it when that happens! 

The poetry offered felt like it was delivered to me personally. A little prescription for my ears and brain that help me understand the world. 

The first instance was a four-and-a-half-minute spot on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

Like a majority of Americans, I am unfamiliar with military life, soldiering, and war. Yet, war has come for us these days--at least on three continents. I'm grateful to John Duffy for using poetry to paint pictures of even what is terrible. 

The second instance was when listening to this 24-minute Scholastic podcast (free)

Representative John Lewis passed away just over a year ago. He too was in combat with a different enemy and different wounds from survival. One of the great stories of his life was the friendship he formed with young Tybre Faw who read Lewis' favorite poem, Invictus, at his friend's funeral. Author Andrea Davis Pinkney captured that friendship in a picture book that I am going to make sure my students have access to.

I'm reminded of the phrase, "such a time as this." Sometimes we make history and sometimes history makes us. In either case, those that can distill the experience into understanding for others are heroes. I am grateful for poetry that aims to prevent us from making mistakes of the past.

This past week, Ethical ELA had some awesome poetry prompts that I will be taking to my lesson planning time. This Japanese form, introduced by poet-teacher Mo Daley, inspired the newest poem on Star's padlet.

I hope you have a great week and poetry finds you. 

Thank you, A(nother) Year of Reading, for hosting this week's round-up!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

I'm out with lanterns...

Hello, Campers!

Oh, my gosh this summer! I love it--never want it to end. Last weekend I was at a wedding that was perfect in every way. It wasn't just the gorgeous venue and beautiful day but was for the son of a dear friend whose wedding I was in some decades ago. The groom is the first child of our college friend group to marry...and the whole circle-of-life experience with a ton of love and happy tears was fantastic!

I know you won't be surprised that I found a little nook on the patio. Isn't it amazing how Miss Dickinson's quote decorates it so prettily?

catching stars in the wild photo by Linda M.

Thank you to "anonymous" for the fabulous clunker left in my post comments last week. Unfortunately, blogger seems to be over-securing itself...labeling friends as Anonymous. I'm sorry I don't know who the commenter was! Argh. I grabbed Anonymous' line to fiddle with this week.

If you'd like a "clunker" line please take one from last week's post. Be sure to leave me an old cast-off line from your work to play with in exchange (directions are in the post).

The evening before last week's wedding, I walked around the city and saw a street performer wearing moon and stars. That star performer is now on the padlet: 

Unexpected Intersections is hosting our round-up for the week. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Spiritual Journey Thursday

Hello Friends,

July 6th is a curious day in my life. It's my husband's birthday. And, it's the anniversary of my mother's passing.

Very few remember the anniversary of my mother's death -- as it should be. My immediate family growing up taught me that life is for the living and to look forward. 

My husband is one of those guys that really and truly doesn't want a fuss on his birthday--which is fine. But, as his chosen opposite (lol), I love to celebrate!

You might not be surprised that I spent a big part of yesterday tearing apart rooms in my house to clean and organize. It was very much like pulling a thread on a garment--there's no end! I needed more junk holders (baskets, boxes, bins) which I prefer not to purchase(no more stuff, please). I went searching through my house for junk holders that could be emptied and re-purposed in a newly cleaned and organized room.

I did stop to make my husband's favorite meal and we did celebrate quietly.

Life has been challenging these past few years. Time to clean, sort, and organize allowed memories and good thoughts, prayers, and ideas to flow without negativity. I'm so thankful for that. My spirit is stronger for it today.

How are you doing, friend?

mixed media collage. Linda M. '22