Thursday, May 25, 2023

A million wishes...

Splash! Summer has arrived. Hallelujah!

I'm not out of school yet--but oh, so close. I'm looking forward to a break. The irony of the word "break," is not lost on me. Like teachers everywhere, the weeks of summer for me are busy with so many things I could not do during the school year: deep clean my house, organize the pantry, and write! I have plans to catch up with friends and family too.

This is the best part of summer. It's almost here but not quite-- when everything is possible. 

Thank you poets for your contributions to Wednesday's 'This Photo Wants to be a Poem.' I love substitute hosting. I came home from a long day to see lots of lovely, positive comments from poets to each other. What a boost to my spirit.

This week, I have another little cutie:

Photo and words by Linda Mitchell 

There is a triolet 'The Words Between' on the WORD padlet.

I am off to find a slice of watermelon. Poets, have a great, safe weekend. Don't miss stopping by Patricia's blog, Reverie, for all this week's goodness.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

This Photo Wants to be a Poem

Good Morning,

Margaret is away from her desk today. I'm happy to bring 'This Photo Wants to be a Poem' to you while she's out.

This Photo Wants to be a Poem is a quick write, poem drafting opportunity for anyone. Please take a few moments to reflect on the photo and see what comes to mind to jot down. No polishing, editing, or re-working required...just your first poetic thoughts.

I'm sharing my draft and I hope you will too. Please include your drafts in the comment section below.

Happy scribbling!

Original photo by Margaret Simon

My response:

Thursday, May 18, 2023

I imagine me...

Hello, hello, hello!

It's Poetry Friday, friends. Thank you to Janice at Salt City Verse for hosting our round-up. Please pop over to see her wonderful words and add yours to the mix.

I may need to write a definito, a form invented by Heidi Mordhorst, for the word perseverate. I have been perseverating on the triolet form these days.  Gosh, I love writing them.

Last week, Laura Purdie Salas included this prompt with her poem.

My notebook is full of fits and starts...but I like this triolet.

Please pretend to be surprised by a double triolet on the WORD padlet today.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Lovely Day in May

Hello Poets,

I have a loved one near and dear to my heart that frequently says, 'It's a lovely day in May.' And, they are right about these few wonderful weeks of spring. I hope you're having a lovely day today...this May.

I have just a couple of little cutie haiku to share:

First picture of yellow bird: Davis, Jerome. Facebook, Accessed 11 May 2023.

I also have a new triolet on the padlet...Oh, it's fun to see poems pile up. I feel like I'm not accomplishing much writing these days. But, piled up poems helps me feel better! You? 

Thank you, Robyn (haiku master) and author of Life on the Deckle Edge where Poetry Friday is being rounded up today.

To see more of Jerome Davis' beautiful photos, click here

Thursday, May 4, 2023

When We Butterfly

 Hello Poets and Happy May!

It's my turn to challenge the Inklings (and you) with a poem prompt.

O'Halloran, Thomas J, photographer. Left-Handed Writing Close-Up. June 8. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

I decided to find a piece of art with words in it--and in the process of looking for art, stumbled across this adorable photo featured on the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art website. Isn't this butterfly a cutie?

I found myself drafting...

Linda Mitchell. Draft 5/5/23

Thank you, Linda Baie, for hosting Poetry Friday. My responses to all our friends will be a bit delayed this week as I am butterflying at my daughter's university seeing her showered with honors and graduating. 

See more Inklings' take on this prompt:

Reading to the Core
A(nother) Year of Reading
Nix the Comfort Zone
My Juicy Little Universe
Reflections on the Teche

I have a quick announcement before you go...

Last Friday, Poetry Pandemonium finished at my school. Figurative language in poems by two of our Poetry Friday friends competed for the title of champion. Rhyme from Janice Scully's 'A Perfect Place v. Hyperbole from 'Together' by Irene Latham.

And the winner of Poetry Pandemonium 2023 is...

'Together' by Irene Latham.

Hyperbole wins again! If I remember correctly, hyperbole has won every Poetry Pandemonium since it started. Makes me think that writing for kids needs a whopping spoonful in any collection.

There is a new poem on the padlet today...A Butterfly for Emily Dickinson.

Thank you, Linda Baie for hosting this week! See her at Teacher Dance.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

SJT: Shall We Dance?


Christine asks, "Shall we dance?" 

Yes! Today I am dancing. Today my husband and I are driving to our daughter's graduation from her university. 

Just yesterday she was in preschool

We're dancing because this daughter has turned waiting, hard work, and a dash of life's frustration into triumph. This daughter who started out life with what may have seemed like insurmountable challenges to some will walk across a stage covered in cords and sashes of honor for the excellence she has demonstrated in her field of study.

I am dancing because there is nothing other to do than embrace this moment of celebration and move to its music.

Wherever you are, turn up the volume...join us!