Thursday, June 22, 2023

Poetry Friday is HERE and Clunker Exchange

Hello, Hello,

I'm glad you're here. 

I'm hosting our round-up through the weekend with a clunker exchange.

A clunker exchange (guidelines) is a low-stress and fun way to get writing. Take any of my old clunky words, lines, or stanzas listed below in exchange for one of yours. Use the clunker in any way you wish to create something new! 

Linda Mitchell. Taken at the British War Museum

Ideas for how to use a clunker:

  • prompt that reminds you of something else
  • golden shovel
  • invitation to re-write
  • rhymes with?
  • finish this thought

Irene Latham is hosting Poetry Friday next week. Remember she's asked for original or favorite poems about a June moon to celebrate her new book, The Museum on the Moon

I will be out of pocket next week, so I am posting an original moon poem on Word's padlet today.

Leave a link to your Poetry Friday post in the comments. I'll organize and share out in the "old-fashioned" way by editing this post with links to all the poets. 

Don't worry about a comment for your PF link and another for a's all good. But do remember to sign your comment so that blogger doesn't make you anonymous.


  • Catch a falling/Word hold/Onto it. 

  • Creak/Floorboard/Someone there?/Climbing the stair?/Shriek!

  • sun/rising/horizon/turning, birthing/day

  • Begin with the question/ what makes a woman strong?/Strength of a woman/has more to do more with will than muscle/she needs a will to find her way/in the ‘old boys club’/of the world.

  • I just need to sit with a poem 

  • but I'm left holding cuttings I'm not sure where to plant.

  • reaching for the sun, I break free

  • two words

          falling from your

          lips as if they could wash

          away the injury

  • not fighting the old
    dark and icy winter winds

furrow mountain’s brow

  • rain day’s magic words

  • Even one of my best friends, Merriam-Webster, is pretty terse on the subject

  • We need double the poems

  • she left a gap in our poem

  • Where that painting stopped me/still—and I could not move

  • I am no longer winsome to the Sun.

  • Enjoy the early morning when one or two are up before the others

  • Bacon is in the pan

  • I am full of possibilities all caffeine and heat from the cabin’s stove

  • Today’s goal is to fill and empty, fill and empty with cabin warmth and laughter

  • Memory making

  • Woodsmoke

  • Leisurely cigarettes without conversation

  • Minute sips of time together

Poetry Friday participants are worth reading!

Patricia J. Franz at Reading, Writing, Wondering
Linda Anderson at newtreemom

Thursday, June 15, 2023

It's Coming...Clunker Exchange

Hello Poets,

Thank you, Michelle, for hosting our roundup today. I so enjoy visits to your blog.

Got clunkers? Do you have poems with words or lines that need revision...those words or lines that sound like a poem breaking down -- that clunking sound?

If yes, you're in luck-ers!

I've been hosting a clunker exchange for a few years now. It's super fun and very low-pressure writing. 

Here's how to participate:

  • Select any word/line or stanza from next week's clunker list
    (I will publish it next week when I host PF)
  • Next week, give me any word/line/stanza from your files in the comments.
  • Sign your clunker. I'm still on Blogger and it often records comments as anonymous 
  • I will work with your word/line over the summer
  • You can do whatever you wish with mine -- revise, use it as a prompt, print it out, burn it--ha!
  • I'll share my reworking of your clunker in the future.
    I'll give credit to the author of the clunker, of course!

There's a new poem, 'Sunflower's First Word,' on the WORD padlet...poems are piling up.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

My Dear Amygdala

 Hello, Last Friday of My School Year!

There's a fun new poem, When Frog Learned to Read, on the WORD padlet

Now sashay over to Buffy Silverman's blog for this week's round-up.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Color Poem for Molly

Hello Poets, Hello June!

Molly challenged the inklings to write a color poem. There is no better inspiration for writing for me than Molly's photography. 

The photo below with my poem was one Margaret used several weeks ago for 'This Photo Wants to be a Poem." Isn't it beautiful? 

June is the word on the Word padlet this week: 

See more color poems by the Inklings:

Thank you to The Miss Rumphius Effect for hosting our poetry round-up this week!