Thursday, October 27, 2022


Trick-or-Treat! It's sooooooo close to Halloween and I've already eaten my candy quota!

Are you ready? Do you have a spunky or spooky poem? This one was sparked by artwork featured on Jama's "Nine Cool Things on a Tuesday," post from October 4th. 

Janet Hill's Halloween Party: Nine Cool Things on a Tuesday

Linda Mitchell 10/28/22

Here's a Halloween treat for you on Star's padlet.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Afghan Poetry

Oh, do I love it when poetry surprises me in life.

I was watching the news several nights ago and there was a spot about four living poets from Afghanistan. I learned a bit more about how important poetry is in Afghan culture and history. I see more students from Afghan families in school this year. I can't help but want to know more about things that connect us -- especially if it's poetry.

I went looking for poems in English by the poets from the news spot...even with google's help that wasn't a simple thing to do.

However, I did find this 2020 article from Time Magazine: 

This article is from before the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. I wonder how poets are faring there these days. So many people there are suffering.

One of the poets in the news spot is Shafiqa Khpalwak who now lives in the US and is a published poet and student of Peace Studies at Wellesly University. Some of her poems appear in Adi Magazine. I copied a snippet of Khpalwak's poem, I Shall Write a Poem, and turned it into a postcard. It's displayed on my desk at school. If one of my students spots it, reads it, and is interested I will give it to them and make another. Poetry will connect us.


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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Triolet Play

Hello Poets,

Until recently, I didn't know that ATC stands for artist trading card. These trading cards are popular among artists and crafters as collector's items...similar to any other trading card. The criteria for making an ATC is simple. It needs to be art of the maker's choice but fit into a standard trading 2.5 x 3.5 pocket.

Another thing that I'm learning from the art world is the term, happy mail, which is old-fashioned letterbox mail. It can be a note, ATC, or supplies for making art. Recently, I received some happy mail from Jone in the form of a mixed media ATC. Isn't it sweet? It called for a poem.

├ętoile du soir is the star of Star's padlet: today:

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wordy 30

Oooooooh, Poets

I had a day off school yesterday and went to lunch with a couple of library friends and then on to the biggest discount bookstore I've ever seen. I didn't spend too much money. But, I had fun browsing for a couple of hours--agog at how many books were collected, displayed, and on sale for deep discounts. 

When I got home, two books I asked my local public library to purchase were on hold for me. Thank you, Jama, for recommending Susan Branch's Distilled Genius (Spring Stree Publications. 2022)...and whoever recommended No Voice Too Small. Fourteen Young Americans Making History (Charlesbridge. 2020). I'm just loving both of these. The first is an artist's date...the second as a mentor text.

Mary Lee's challenge to the Inklings this month is to write a Wordy-30.

See how the other Inklings tackled the Wordy 30:

Mary Lee

Star's padlet is sporting a new poem along a nautical theme.

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