Thursday, July 2, 2020

Poetry Friday is Here!

Hello and Happy July!

It's summer Poetry Swap season and I am a lucky poet to receive this hand-made and personalized gift from Margaret Simon. Thank you, Margaret. You made my week. If you've never joined one of the Poetry Swaps graciously hosted by Tabatha from The Opposite of Indifference, consider it. It's fun and gives your creativity a boost.

A lovely and much-appreciated gift of poetry from Margaret Simon

Click on Poetry Friday to find out what it is. I've always enjoyed Poetry Friday Eve...which is now. 

I've been tinkering with a form introduced by April Halprin Wayland, In One Word

Tomorrow is July 4th -- Independence Day here in the USA. I decided on a patriotic and current events theme. My selected word:



When in the course of our era
we, the people, stand guilty of crimes
against our neighbors caught on camera--
chokeholds, weaponized mace,
ramming our dearly beloved with cars
murdering E Pluribus Unum; We are
recalled to our duty, our aim
as preservers, protectors, and defend
of our United States Constitution to scream
Help! Rescue Liberty from the mire
where her cries fall on deaf
We peaceably assemble as we
by right as children, as women and
to redress grievances against fellow 

(c) Linda Mitchell -- draft

Photo: L. Mitchell. Jepson Center Art Museum

Have you tried In One Word yet? I'd love to see your version.

Please include your blog link in a comment below for Poetry Friday. I will categorize links for easy reading here (I'm still traveling so it will be every few hours or so). 

There are some blogs that I consistently have a difficult time commenting on. If I do not comment on your blog this week, please contact me at hubeimom (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will at least connect with you by old-fashioned e-mail.  If I regularly comment on your blog, you do not need to contact me separately. 

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  1. Linda, thank you for such a thoughtful poem and I do have to try this form. I also appreciated you posting the definition of "woke." It's used a lot. I've posted a short poem at

  2. Thanks for hosting! I posted lyrics to the song When the Smoke Clears by Imaginary Future and Kina Grannis -

  3. You and Margaret are so multi-talented!
    I really like the ending of your poem.
    I'm sharing your Poem Place journal today -- thanks so much!

  4. I'll be back to read this over the weekend as I do my Poetry Friday reading--yay! I'm in with a haiku about fireworks. Thanks for hosting, Linda!

  5. Powerful one word poem you constructed from America, so telling of our times and the task that lays ahead.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem swap package of truth from Margaret–it fits in with your post. Thanks also for hosting–sending safe traveling waves your way… Here's my link to my post, RETHINKING THE 4TH:

  6. Hi, Linda — I definitely need to try April's "In One Word" form. Such an interesting challenge. And what a beautiful gift from Margaret!

    I'm in this week with Langston Hughes. The link is here.

    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Love the Poetry Postcard from Margaret and your Americans One Word poem is moving. I haven't given that form a go yet, but you've given me more inspiration.
    Today I am sharing Fun with Languages Wee-Sources with an original poem about one of the things that keeps me motivated to keep learning German. Thank you for hosting!!

  8. Hello! Thank you so much for hosting this week. Here is my Poetry Friday post:
    Loving the "In One Word" Form - it does stretch one's boundaries further in an exciting way.

  9. Linda, thank you for sharing you "Woke" and Margaret's offerings, too -- the community Poem Swap arranged by Tabatha is something that's enriched my life over the years... I've got another ArtSpeak: RED poem, this one inspired by the cave paintings of Altamira. Thank you for hosting! xo

  10. Safe travels, my friend. Thank you for hosting this week, too! My PF post can be found at This week my celebration has a little help from poet Marilyn Singer. Be safe and well, all! -- Christie @

  11. Linda, thank you for hosting, and thank you for a wonderful poem. I know our country has had many "times," but this one seems perilous enough to, indeed, need to "Rescue Liberty." It's hard for me to understand that both sides feel the same way. I'm sharing a few summertime haiku poems at Yet There is Method.

  12. Thanks for hosting! I definitely have to try an "In One Word" poem. Yours is spot on. We definitely need to rescue liberty and democracy from this current mire.

    I'm sharing the IF poem I DIDN'T send to Charles and Irene.

  13. Wow. "Rescue Liberty." Thank you for this poem and for your voice, Linda. May we continue to learn and work together.

    I'm in with a pantoum for our times -- about wearing masks.

  14. Thanks for sharing my poetry swap. Your poem is so powerful and a voice that is strong and needed. My post is This Photo wants to be a Poem because I didn't have a chance to write anything new and I am trying to build more participation in this weekly prompt.

  15. Thanks for hosting! Here's my post:

  16. Thank you for sharing your poem and this form. I have not yet tried it and am anxious to do so now. Thank you, also, for hosting this week. Here is my post: I was inspired by the loons on our lake. ~ Carol ~ at The Apples in my Orchard!

  17. Linda, your poem is fabulous and resonates with your conviction. As always, I'm impressed not only by how ready and willing you are to tackle new poetic challenges but also by your consistent determination to raise your voice against injustice and inequality. Thanks so much for hosting this week. I'm in with responses to two of last month's Ethical ELA prompts.

  18. Linda, I just wrapped up my intensive online graduate ELA Summer Institute course for our local college. I had 4 12 hour days and now I can set my mind to think of poetry. When the teacher-learners refine their interactive digital notebooks, I am going to share their poetic entries. Even the math/robotics teacher wrote a poem. These teachers followed my guidance and went beyond what I imagined.
    I love how you executed April's challenge-it's powerful in its intent! After dinner I will write my blog.

  19. Thank you for sharing a new to me poetry form. I added a bluebird box to my yard this spring and share it's journey today.

  20. I'm back, Linda. Finally, I am finished with my post sharing Kat Apel's beautiful poetry swap gifts of 2 original poems. In return, I wrote a pandemic golden shovel poem for her, remembering her Poetry Pep Up Day 5 Challenge.

  21. Thank you for sharing your powerful poem--and teaching me about a new poetry form!I wrote a poem in a lighter vein--about fairies. After returning to school this week, I felt re-presenced to the wonder of nature. Then I found this poem in an old journal of mine:

    Thanks for hosting this week!

  22. I love your passionate poem, Linda. Perfect for this time! I haven't tried a one word poem yet, but it's on my list!

  23. Thank you for sharing! Your poem inspired me to reflect today

  24. Linda, your poem really captures what is happening in our country right now. I read April's post about one word poems, and I plan to try one as soon as I can. Thanks so much for showing the power of one word!


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