Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Post to Edgewise

A Word Edgewise is a 2010 Summer Project that I'm assigning myself. Today, I am all that my profile describes and....have so much more to say and share. Most of what I like to share relates to one of two topics: Library and Creative Writing.

Soon, I'll be interning as a School Library Media Specialist. After eleven years experience teaching various classes of Social Studies (most High School US History and Economics) and another ten years of full time motherhood, this is a perfect fit for me as an educator, parent and citizen. I've loved reading and books with a passion since I was very young. As a teen, I organized and re-organized books on shelves in my room for fun! And, I love learning and sharing what I learn with others. Even as a new mother, I found myself researching topics on the internet and sharing information and sources with friends constantly. I just love to be in the know about some things. It's fun! A Word Edgewise is a great place for me to share information about books, learning and information literacy.

Also, as a new mom, I fell into creative writing. Like so many new writers, all it took for me to think I was a real writer was a couple of compliments from professors and classmates in some of the writing courses I took. That was about eight years ago. Now, I have journals and notebooks and even plastic bags full of writings and words I intend to use in poems, essays and stories. Some of these writings have been published in magazines and journals. These and others, I'd like to share publically. When I can find the time and courage to share, I'll post to Edgewise.

All are welcome to Edgewise. I hope to learn enough about blogging to put my skills to good and practical use as a school librarian sometime in the near future.

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