Friday, June 3, 2016

Toe Dipping into Poetry Friday

I'm waving hello to fellow poets. I've been intrigued by Poetry Friday for some time but never really got a handle on exactly what it is or where to find it or how to jump in.

Fortunately, new and good friend Jan Annino gave me just the nudge I needed to dip my toe into the pond.

My "creativity" this week isn't exactly poetic. However, I've been up to my neck in verse by writing a lesson plan for Teacher Librarians to use with middle school students. As a Teacher Librarian and poet, I'm always finding fun ways to get poetry into my students. It's such a perfect vehicle for so many lessons.

I've uploaded my lessons to the Teacher's Pay Teachers (TpT) website because it will host the documents. The lesson is FREE and I'm perfectly fine with someone using it, adapting it or changing it in any way. I'd appreciate being credited for the idea should it be used commercially.

Look for the photo of the flowers in the watering can for each part of the lesson at TpT. There is a detailed lesson plan as well as a graphic organizer. Both items are FREE. I never charge for anything at TpT. It's just a nice place to host items for sharing.

Here is the link to the graphic organizerMatch First Poem to Novel Cover: Lesson Plan

Link to detailed lesson plan: Match First Poem to Novel Cover

Maybe next Friday I'll share some actual poetry!

Today's Poetry Friday is graciously hosted by Jone at Check it Out. Please visit her blog and see the wonderful links to more and more and more poetry. Check It Out


  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday! Looking forward to some of your poems!!

  2. Welcome! And thanks for stopping by with encouraging words today! It's okay not to have an actual poem - it's still promoting the love of poetry. Have a great week and hope to see you again next Friday!

  3. Yay! So good to see you in the roundup, Linda!!! It'll feel like home in no time. :)


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