Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poetry Friday

Today is my birthday.

I only celebrate years when my age ends in
a five or a zero...which it doesn't so
no biggie.

On Monday I begin a sixth
year as a Teacher Librarian!

However, today
some birthday moments
have been crowded with to do lists....
authors coming to visit
presentations to present
orientation, books to get ready
lesson plans to prep
and Poetry Friday.... I don't have an idea to share!

My daughter overheard me
babbling to myself while
doing laundry,

"Mom, don't let yourself get
overwhelmed" !
Julieanne's Fabulous Blog

A loving cue to
go simple
go home.

My offering for Poetry Friday
is a photo I took of Black-eyed-Susans
just outside the door my church.
Greeters of souls
arriving to worship
our Creator.

This ramble of wildflowers
frames words of Liz Gilbert
so well....the words describe
the me I was born to be.

And, they lend perfectly to
Carol Varsalona's Summerscape Challenge

I hope I can hold on
to the wisdom of the words
and wildflowers
for another year.
Next birthday is a
"zero" year.


  1. Happy happy birthday, Linda. I love your post - it captures your busy thoughts so well. Also love your wise daughter and your photo and quote. Here's to a lovely birthday and a wonderful school year.

  2. Happy birthday, Linda. It's easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year and it's important to have loved ones who can talk you down! I love the photo and the well-worth-remembering Liz Gilbert quote. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Linda,
    Love that you are celebrating "the me that was born to be" ! And (wow!) something wonderful we share.

  4. Wonderful flowers, and happiest of happy birthdays. All the more so if you aren't celebrating. I used to do something I was terrified of on birthdays ending in 5 or 0. At 25, I went skydiving. At 30 I got married. At 35 I had a baby. At 40, I was too tired to think of anything. I can't remember 45. Do you see a pattern? LOL

  5. Have a great birthday! Or a very merry unbirthday, if you wish. Remember, although school is starting, we still have months of wildflowers left to bloom.

  6. Stop. Drop. Breathe. How simple and effective. I hope your year blooms like these black-eyed-Susans - with an abundance of blessings. Happy Birthday.

  7. Linda, first of all happy birthday. Enjoy your day full of big magic. Thanks for the Liz Gilbert quote. I am reading her book along with 3 other books on creativity because creativity provides the sparks for me to explore my inner thoughts. I am excited that you are creating for Summerscapes. When I read your post, I was caught by the digital image and little did I know that you were prompted to write for the gallery. If this is your offering for the gallery, please add your name as the designer of the digital. Thanks.

  8. I added it to #Summerscape on twitter. Thanks!

  9. The bright yellow petals with Liz Gilbert's inspiring words are the perfect guiding light into a new year... regardless of whether it ends in a 5 or 0! ;) Happy to know you, Linda, and grateful for your creative contributions to TLD.

  10. What a great quote! And beautiful picture. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda - those 0's and 5's come faster with each decade, don't they? Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of deep breaths and simple celebrations. :0)

  11. Happy birthday! Beautiful photo and quote to savor. "Go simple" sounds like good advice :-)

  12. Happy birthday! I trust it's been the best ever even if it doesn't end with 0 or 5! I love your words about the black-eyed Susans outside your church door: "Greeters of souls arriving to worship our Creator."

  13. I hope you had a happy birthday! And have a great school year, too!

  14. I hope your birthday was extra special! We go back on Monday too. I'm a little sad for summer to end, and writing time to be very minimal for a while, but I'm looking forward to meeting my new students. Have a great year!

  15. Happy Birthday. I love the photo and the quote. Here's to a great school year.


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