Friday, September 9, 2016

Poetry Friday

I feel like riffing on Ludwig-Vanderwater....who was inspired by Mary Oliver who......oh, you know how this goes. Be sure to stop by Amy's amazing blog, The Poem Farm, for poetry, learning and an overall creative experience.

To a Visitor

I live in a cookie-size house
between bigger brick loaves.

Don’t worry.

There’s as much to love

and be loved in my cozy space.

Just kick off your shoes inside the door.
The cat will think it’s time to eat 
and wrap around your ankles,
purring and pushing you toward her dish.
See the books on the stairs
shelves, floor and table?
You might find a good mystery or sci-fi.
Go ahead and dive into a story. 
If you’re hungry, tomatoes grow
out back, beneath the kitchen window sill
by the basil and parsley gone-to-seed.
Don’t mind backpacks, socks, 
homework papers, water bottles.
These are feathers of squawking teens 
now at roost somewhere.
Come on in, find a spot.
The zucchini bread is fresh.
Coffee’s hot.

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  1. Love your cozy, welcoming poem, Linda. I can just picture everything so clearly. Mmmmm, zucchini bread and coffee. :)

  2. It's simply divine, Linda, this welcome to your home, and those pictures, too. You've covered quite a lot, made me feel good about this invitation! Love "feathers of squawking teens".

  3. Oh, yum! I feel welcome and at home in this abode.

  4. Love your poem--especially the simple but effective last three lines. I'm ready for that coffee!

  5. I would feel so comfortable in your house...and you would in mine (they're practically twins!!)

  6. Sounds like my house, with the addition of legos everywhere from robotics. :-) I might make chocolate chip banana bread.

  7. So inviting! Wish I could stop in for a piece of that bread and the hot coffee.

  8. Thanks for making me feel at home. I am envious of your cat "purring and pushing you toward her dish." Mine just meows incessantly and sometimes bites my leg to move me along a little faster!

  9. What fun! I want to be neighbors - we'll have tea at my home and coffee at yours. Thank you for this invitation. And those feathers...such a perfect metaphor. We have those too. We have cousin poems. x


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