Thursday, July 20, 2017

Poetry Friday Post B

I had an entirely different post written for Poetry Friday.....then, I was cruising through my twitter feed and came across this tweet.

G, Lakshmi, and Hi. "Poetry Prize Winner Found Beauty in Urdu Poetic Tradition." NBCUniversal News Group, 19 July 2017. Web. 19 July 2017. . 

I read the article. Some of my students are Urdu speakers and I am always trying to get to know them and find ways of welcoming them to reading in my middle school library. 

This poet, Adeeba Shahid Talukderis a recent MFA graduate. She is certainly not writing MG that my students would read at school. But, I was curious...and google helped me find out more. I was able to find a few of her works. 

I hope to keep track of this poet as she makes her way in the world. I feel like I've already made a new friend.

Here's one of her poems...there's more out there.

Thanks to Katie at The Logonauts for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up. 


  1. I imagine your students will love hearing about this young woman and her poetry! Thanks for sharing about her, Linda.

  2. This sounds like such a powerful book! Thank you for sharing this, and I can think of several of my students who would appreciate as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing this brave and beautiful new voice! And this magazine, too.

  4. Wow. "We lovers who court calamity/ deserve it all." She's amazing.

  5. Linda, thank you for sharing a new voice that sings of pride. We need more voices like this and books of diverse nature for students to gravitate toward.

  6. Adeeba sounds honest and brave. We have several South Asian poets in our local poetry society and I always love reading their work (I don't think their native language is Urdu, though). Do you know, does Urdu poetry bring with it special forms, or is it mainly free verse?

    1. Malala, in her famous memoir, mentions Urdu tercets...and that her Grandmother was especially good at them in Swa 'at when she visited the village there. I need to find out more. I'd love to find some translated Urdu poetry to share with my students.

  7. Thank you for sharing this poet with us, Linda. These lines powerfully communicate how stifling ideals of beauty can be: "tell me, dressed in roses/ that we need some air."

  8. How cool that you found someone you can connect with your students. I look forward to learning more about this poet and her writings.

  9. Thank you for introducing us to Adeeba Shahid Talukder, Linda. I was especially moved by this line: "the wound’s head has reached the heart." I'm looking forward to reading more of Talukder's poetry.


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