Thursday, June 7, 2018

Poetry Friday June 8th

Good Poetry Friday to you,

Today is the last day of school for this Teacher Librarian. And...


Friday is not really an ending but more of a rest stop before continuing on this journey in library. I really needed this rest stop to shake out my limbs. Of course, I'll play a little focus for this year of writing.

This past week, a social media post from poet Jeanine Atkins caught my eye. 

From Jeanine Atkins Facebook Page 6/2/18

Isn't Jeanine's invitation to reflect simply wonderful? Her simple question gave me some lovely writing moments this week and I am grateful.

Her question took me to some reading too. This month's featured poet at The Poetry Foundation is a colleague of Jeanine and also a favorite poet of mine. She writes about an early wonder in this poem.

I was struck at how precious a young person's wonder is to protect. This summer I will refresh my energy for that task.

Turtle Came to See Me

The first story I ever write
is a bright crayon picture
of a dancing tree, the branches
tossed by island wind.

I draw myself standing beside the tree,
with a colorful parrot soaring above me,
and a magical turtle clasped in my hand,
and two yellow wings fluttering
on the proud shoulders of my ruffled
Cuban rumba dancer's
fancy dress.

Our friend Keisha is hosting this week's poetry round-up at Whispers from the Ridge. I love Keisha's reminders of the spiritual elements of poetry and invitations to respond to wonder. I often write in response to a visit to Keisha's Ridge. I hope you will too.


  1. Thanks for sharing this richly visual poem by Margarita Engle, she's taken me to the scene she created in her poem–which abruptly crashes down as her teacher passes judgement on her creativity. Her poem "Turtle Came To See Me" is from her book, "Enchanted Air" which is waiting for me to begin … Wishing you wonder within your summer, thanks Linda!

  2. Jeannine's post was a nice thing to see, I agree. And your find from Margarita, wow! That opening line is wonderful, isn't it? That first story, and then the other learning, sad to read. My son had a similar experience when he colored most of a picture in black, was trying to show 'night' & his teacher said it should have shown more colors. He was so upset. I hope you do have some needed rest after this busy month, Linda.

  3. Congrats on making it through another school year. I also saw Jeannine's lovely FB update and it got me thinking too . . . :) Thanks for sharing Margarita's poem -- such an important reminder of how not to quell a child's perspective, imagination and enthusiasm.

  4. Childhood wonder is such a rich source. Thanks for making these links!

  5. Another year over, time for a much deserved refresh break, for body, mind and soul!

  6. Linda, this is indeed a glorious invitation to write! I can't wait to try writing about this memory of wonder. I wish you wonderful rest my dear friend! Happy Summer xx

  7. I love your three line (thee word, three syllable) poem at the beginning of this post. I feel you!

    No matter how tired we get, may we NEVER be the teachers who crush a child's creativity!!

  8. Time to relax and recharge, Linda! Enjoy playing around this summer and taking time for wonder!

  9. Happy summer, friend. Wishing you days to wonder and wander and refresh your soul.

  10. This post fed my wondering heart. I must look up Jeanine's FB post. Thanks for sharing that. Have a good summer rest, Linda (your poem was funny). Some day I will travel to your home town, check out the battle fields and say hello.

  11. I love Engle's poem. I'm currently reading "Brown Girl Dreaming" (as part of the BOOK LOVE book club). We are supposed to write a "Where I'm From" poem. I have done that before, but am really struggling this time. I'm not sure why. I am thinking I would like to try "The first story I ever write" instead. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I hope you get some time to rest and read and write in the next few weeks. The end of school really is exhausting…

  12. My daughter still has 8 more days to go--not that she's counting. Enjoy your summer, Linda, and keep writing!

  13. Wonder wonder wonder wins it's no coincidence that wander and wonder go together. Love that Margarita poem!

  14. Congrats on finishing strong and already considering how to rev up for an even better year next year! I love the Margarita Engle poem you shared. I also like the idea of using it as a prompt, like Carol suggested--the first story I ever wrote...there are definitely some story telling memories in my past and you've inspired me to investigate them a bit. Thanks and happy summer--10 more days to go here!

  15. Appreciations for taking a replenishment break.
    You deserve every trick in the book to renew.
    And I am pleased you don't have to stay in the office all some.
    (We both likely know some, who do.)

    I love Jeanne Atkins field photograph & thought about First Wonder.

    And then the added gift of sharing the Margarita Engle poem.

    I hadn't seen either & am grateful for your sharing their gifts.

    Many poem filled, posey filled,
    summer solitary &
    summershake sweet
    surprises to you
    dear Linda.


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