Thursday, September 27, 2018

Inspired by Molly H.

Hello Poets, Hello Friday!

Thank you, Jone for hosting our round-up this week at her blog, Deo Writer: Musings to Spark the Spirit. I can say that there is not a time that I have visited her blog or received a poetry gift from her that my spirit hasn't been sparked and soothed. Please stop by to see her writing and exquisite photos.

I love photos shared by Molly Hogan in her blogs and social media. The photo below really spoke a story to me. Thanks, Molly!

Photo by Molly Hogan


Summer echoes
Their long handled brooms
push piles of
and bits of 
The fried dough stand 
is already down
Tilt-a-whirls trussed-up
tractor trailers cross
the bridge heading south
A confetti of squeals
and dizziness
linger this foggy
        --droplets on
late blooming asters. 

A ferris wheel web
still holds
a bit of breeze
from above the crowd
rounding us up again
down again
back again
into Fall.

(c) Linda Mitchell


  1. I love the way the poem sounds when read aloud, Linda. It has that wonderful rhythm of the tilt-a-whirl, & a nostalgic goodbye.

  2. That lingering confetti of squeals and screams is just exquisite! A perfect response to a gorgeous photo.

  3. Linda, those opening lines are so lovely! and the Ferris Wheel web.... I wasn't expecting that. Really beautiful and ethereal, much like the photo. Wonderful! xo

  4. This is a lovely poem with a structure that flows so well. I can see the image without the actual image you shared. Love "Ferris Wheel web."
    I also love Molly's photos. She sees the intricacies of nature.

  5. I love this poem! Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Oh, this is wonderful, Linda! I love your response to the photo. The opening three lines are absolutely perfect! This is a poem that invites multiple reads, each with new rewards. Thanks for sharing and for the photo acknowledgement.

  7. I was thinking the same as Irene, Linda. Molly's photo really inspired you to write of the transition of season to season. A ferris wheel web is a great descriptor for your train of thoughts. Would you and Molly like to offer the poem and photo for my Abundant Autumn Gallery? Since The ARt of Summering has not been unveiled yet (I was in Florida this week presenting at the #NCFL Conference, I have not released the invitation to Abundant Autumn but have begun accepting digital offerings.)

    1. Of course! This time, Molly can send the right size pic ;) Words are easier for me.

  8. What a fun and playful poem Linda, I love all the beautiful layers you built in it, as this one,
    "A ferris wheel web
    still holds
    a bit of breeze"


  9. Wow, Linda! I love how you've spun such a rich poem from Molly's gorgeous photo. Your "ferris wheel web" reminded me of the final chapters of Charlotte's Web. Well done!

  10. What a lovely way to deliver us into fall! You use such rich words, Linda.

  11. What a nostalgic and wistful goodbye to Fall! Your words and her image are perfect together!

  12. What lovely images -- you captured the wistful, contemplative mood in the photo. Especially like the "droplets on late blooming asters" and that "ferris wheel web"!

  13. Hmm, this has me reminiscing about late summer fairs as a child, when we celebrated the end of summer and welcomed the beginning of fall with games and fun!

  14. Great job! I love being inspired by photos, too!

  15. What a luscious poem! The rhythm of your words brings comfort to the rhythm of the seasons. I can see why Molly's photo spoke to you--it's gorgeous.

  16. Love this line: A confetti of squeals
    and screams
    laughter and dizziness
    linger this foggy morning
    (And the beautiful transition from summer to fall!)

  17. So many lovely images you've created here. A beautiful introduction to Fall.

  18. I agree, so many of Molly's photos are stunning and in need of poetic voice. And you, Linda, are an equally skillful word painter! I love the vivid imagery of the summer fairgrounds come to a close.

  19. Oh wow! “Spiders dismantle summer echoes.” Love, love love. Thank you for the kind words.


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