Thursday, November 1, 2018

Out of Pocket for VCSS Conference

I'm out of pocket for Poetry Friday this week as I'm presenting at the Virginia Council for the Social Studies Conference. The presentation grew out of a facebook post by Nikki Grimes over a year ago about book talks for teachers...wouldn't that be good? And.....many times I've talked to teachers about "sets" of books that would be good for specific topics.

My presentation partner and I are both librarians and have experience presenting with American Association of School Librarians. We thought a book talk of current books for Social Studies teachers would be a good idea.

On Friday, we are presenting Recommended Reads for Middle Grade Social Studies Teachers: World War II to present. These books match the current Virginia Standards of Learning for History & Social Science US History. Virginia is not a Common Core state.

Included in an abbreviated slide show of our talk on the VCSS Conference website one can find:
  • A link to a bibliography of books. (presentation titles are highlighted)
  • Criteria for title selection
  • Link to suggest titles--if there is a title you would like to see included (must meet criteria of the VA SOLs above)
  • A curation activity with lesson plan and materials
I hope that cross-conferencing between Librarians and Social Studies Teachers is productive. If you use any of the materials, I'd appreciate a nod. Let me know if they are helpful to you.

It IS Poetry Friday and hosted by the amazing, talented blogger, Jama who writes about food and literature! What could be better? I highly recommend a stop over at her blog to see what's cooking.

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