Thursday, January 17, 2019

Poetry Friday Jan 18th

Good Poetry Friday Everyone,

This weeks round-up is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Enjoy the links to lots and lots more poetry.

I'm not sure how many of my poetry friends know that some of my children came into my family by way of adoption from China. Since those days of growing my family I've been attracted to Asian literature--specifically Chinese literature. I collected lots of books, games, puzzles, DVDs when the kids were small. 

When I saw this reading challenge offered this week on twitter I joined it.

My goal is panda level (31-40 books). One of my kids is from very near the biggest panda sanctuary in it's fitting. I haven't started reading yet. But, I have some time this weekend. I would love your recommendations for reading of any level or genre that fits the challenge.

I am most fortunate to have received Happy New Year greetings in this year's Post Card Exchange hosted by Jone McCulloch. Each postcard represents the sender perfectly and reminds me of the benefits of belonging to this community. Thank you, everyone!  

I'm sharing my postcard treasures so that you can have the goodness too....
Mary Lee Hahn:

Michelle Kogan:
Irene Latham:

Diane Mayr:

Molly Hogan:
Jone Rush MacCulloch:


  1. Each one is special to the sender, Linda, and all lovely. I'm glad you shared the wealth with us! Thanks!

  2. I'm wondering how you will creatively save these postcards. Such simple yet touching poems to welcome the new year. Good luck with your reading challenge.

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the various poem swaps our community does! Thank you for sharing the goodness with all of us:>)

  4. What special postcards and poems. I do love how each card reflects the personality of the sender. Spot on!

    Have fun with the Panda reading challenge! Hope you blog about some of your favorites.

  5. What a nice gallery of art and poems you've collected Linda, enjoy them all.

    Fill us in on your Panda reading challenge as it moves along…

  6. Now that's a fabulous collection of poetry and art, Linda - lucky you!

  7. It's beautiful, how each postcard reflects the giver. (And it's lovely to be in a community, where we can recognise each other, by our creativity!)

  8. "glory in wonder"-This reminds me very much of a Mary Oliver line. This is a wonderful collection, Linda!

  9. These are lovey! It's been wonderful to receive postcards and see what ones are being send, too. Good luck with your reading challenge. I don't have any suggestions, but I look forward to learning about the ones you discover.

  10. All of them. I'm in awe of what you fit it, Linda. I wish you success at reaching Panda Level! (I think I might call finishing my grades and report cards Panda Level too, just so I can say I reached it. : ) )

  11. The postcard challenges are do-able for me. Not so much the other poetry exchanges. Glad you liked the wisdom haiku. It was fun matching each haiku to the receiver!

  12. I love seeing all of these together! (My own fridge collection is looking pretty fabulous these days.) I'm looking forward to hearing more about your reading challenge.

  13. I am having so much trouble leaving comments this week. I did have one for you but see it is missing. Each poetry postcard you received is different and wonderful. Alas, I had to decline to be part of the exchange this winter because of too many commitments so I am offering my Instagram poetry as a gift to others. Good luck with your challenge, Linda.

  14. That owl postcard is amazing! I'm enjoying Molly's poem and its encouraging message today.

    I just read two picture books that fit your theme: Ruby's Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges (LOVED) and Dim Sum for Everyone by Grace Lim (fun for foodies and families).


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