Thursday, July 4, 2019

Poetry Swap Goodness

Happy Poetry Friday! 

It's July and it's warm and sunny. My family and I came home from our fantastic Toronto vacation culturally enriched with wonderful memories of time together and really great food.

Between taking off and returning I am the delighted recipient of Poetry Swap goodness! I have to admit that I signed up for all five swaps because I love them so much. I love the thinking of an idea, getting crafty and sending out poetry so much that I almost forget that things are going to come into my mailbox too!

Look at the wonderful words from Kat Apel....and as collage. Be still my heart. She sent a collection of poems based on her careful reading of my past blog posts. 

by Kat Apel

Kat Apel

Even sweeter, an original photograph with poetry to compliment....look! I'm extraordinarily grateful to Kat for the time and attention she gave to my words to create this. It's just a wonderful, wonderful gift. 

by Kat Apel

Waking birds compose
worm song
to a wide, new world;

short notes in 
rich voice.

Hunting for the tiger
became the inspiration.
Wanting to write sunbeams,
it dawn on me that I had

     and succeeded
          and succeeded

               Oh, my goodness...

                    Eagle's sky shines.

And then...and THEN....I received this incredible collage from Tabatha. Aren't I the luckiest? I love this!

Original art and poetry by Tabatha Yeatts Lonske
True Faith

your hands are finely trained
to keep us sustained

your gift is the sound
that yields dreams unbound.

by Tabatha Yeatts Lonske If you haven't participated in one of Tabatha's Poetry it! It's like poetry Christmas morning.

Speaking of collage...

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes is letting me talk poetry on Today's Little Ditty this week. I talk a bit about creative cross training...which involves lots of bits of paper and glue. I'd love it if you stopped by there as well as our Poetry Friday host this week, Tricia at her blog, The Miss Rumphius Effect.


  1. What beautiful gifts, Linda — lovingly given and lovingly received! Thank you for the gift of your interview at TLD, too! <3

    1. Good Morning, Michelle. I saw the interview last night. You make me feel so special. Let's hope we inspire some great new poems together.

  2. I'm looking forward to your interview, Linda, & I too love the swapping. Everyone is so very creative & thoughtful! Kat's and Tabatha's artful poems are fabulous! I'm glad you shared! Have a wonderful Poetry Friday!

    1. Welcome home! I've missed you. If you are posting here...that means you have a blog up. Yay! See you @ Teacher Dance.

  3. "Waking birds compose worm song" -- how fun! I enjoyed using two of your clunkers and your One Little Word with your poem, short as it is!
    I'm looking forward to reading your interview at Today's Little Ditty!

  4. Wow! What remarkable gifts! Maybe next year I will be brave enough to join in to swap poetry.

  5. Linda, you are blessed by beautiful poetry swaps from Kat and Tabatha, all richly soaked in art, digital design, and poetry-a collage artist's treasures. I am looking forward to reading your interview at TLD. You must be in poetry heaven this weekend.

  6. What lovely gifts you received! I don't think I've ever read a poem about applause, and it's so very beautiful! I'm heading over to Michelle's to read your post shortly!

  7. These are beautiful! I finally got brave enough to sign up for my first poetry swap. I'm getting excited!

  8. Oh, Linda, such treasures! (I knew once these posts started that I'd regret not participating this year.) I also loved your interview with Michelle and seeing your own fabulous crafty creations! You are one talented lady!

  9. These are all treasured gifts. Thank you for sharing them with us, Linda!

  10. I love that Tabatha organizes the poetry swaps! They are so. much. fun.

  11. What Poetry Swap treasures you have Linda–Enjoy! And thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. You inspire generosity and creativity, Linda!

  13. I love all the different elements of Tabatha's art poetry. You do bring out the creativity in us! :)


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