Thursday, October 3, 2019

Swaggers Write Xenos

Hellooooooooooo October!

In my head, I lift my face to crisp air, falling leaves and Vs of geese....real life is still pretty hot and summery in Virginia. That's OK. I can still sip a pumpkin latte in the air-conditioning of my car. Right? 

Our Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by story-teller and poet extraordinaire, Cheriee at Library Matters. Cheriee has been sharing bits of memoir verse with us on a weekly basis...and I always look forward to the next installment.

Since it's the first Poetry Friday of the Month, my SUNDAY NIGHT SWAGGER friends are all taking a crack at Xeno poems. This challenge was offered by Margaret. 

Xeno at Swagger blogs

Catherine: Reading to the Core
Heidi: My Juicy Little Universe
Margaret: Reflections on the Teche
Molly: Nix the Comfort Zone

 I was stumped on where to begin. So, begin with the definition.


I'm joining Jone at Deo Writer for Poemtober 19: Using the daily prompts for Inktober, write a poem each day. Here is this year’s prompts:

And, finally, I've volunteered as a Cybils judge in the Poetry category. I've just picked up one of the books and am going to dig in this weekend. What a "rough" job! :)  Good luck to all the nominees. I can already tell decision making won't be easy.


  1. Linda, I love how you've combined these with photos--what a great presentation! My favorite thing about your Zenos is your ability to capture a teen perspective so tenderly.

  2. What Molly said! I have written the information down about the Zeno poem. I just need to see what I can come up with!

  3. I 'think' you're writing about your daughter, and you've shown it perfectly, and in zeno syllables, "insta tweet"!

  4. Wow. These are great! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Fun xenos! Both capture teen perspectives so well.

  6. "Life jacket in covered seas" and "message, snap, insta tweet"- you got the perspective right, Linda.I do love the zeno format but it is tricky. I started with Inktober and Poemtober but have not had the time to keep up. I'm away this weekend celebrating my uncle's 91st birthday and off to VA next week to visit with my granddaughter. It will be pumpkin picking time and lots of traveling. Thanks for the calendar. I was searching through tweets to find information.

  7. These are great, Linda. As others have mentioned, you get the teen perspective perfectly. You are one busy lady! Good luck with the "Inktober" challenge, and the Cybils judging!

  8. These are great peeks into a teen perspective. Have a fabulous October with all that is going on. I'm playing along with Inktober/Poemtober, too.

  9. Your xenos are loads of fun! I've written some, so I know they are not so easy! I'm saving the Poemtober prompts and will join in when I can! I'm always up for a new challenge!


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