Thursday, November 28, 2019


It's Black Friday AND Poetry Friday. 

Wishing all my compatriots a great feast and time to kick back with family. I'm away for the weekend and will be catching up slowly with PF posts. 

Thanks to Bridget at wee words for wee ones for hosting this holiday weekend. Her post last week about laundry in Switzerland was fantastic. I hope you get a chance to read it.

I have another response to a prompt from the writing challenge from Ethical ELA. Write a nonet.


November exhales a long-held breath
across fields covered in first snow--
time for growing now over.
Grieving Demeter weeps
worrying corn husks
as handkerchief.
Sun bows low

Pie for Breakfast

Nothing better than a piece of pie
for my breakfast -- the day after
actual photo of my breakfast!

Thanksgiving or Christmas or
Chanukah or New Year
any day, really
leftover pie
is there for
me to

both poems (c) Linda Mitchell


  1. Enjoyed your nonets, Linda. The first is so beautiful and evocative, and the second has me drooling. I'm definitely on board with pie for breakfast . . . and lunch . . . and and and . . .

  2. I appreciate the introduction to this form and enjoyed both your poems. I agree with Jama, leftover pie for breakfast is always good.

    1. By the way, your link didn't work, but I found you anyway.

    2. Darts! Tried to share from my phone & it didn’t work. Thanks for the heads up

  3. Nice, nice nonets! "cornhusks as handkerchiefs"-- beautiful. Pie for breakfast--delicious.

  4. Lovely nonets, Linda. I love that melancholy feel of the first one, "worrying corn husks
    as handkerchief" is a wonderful image. And truth, pie for breakfast anytime is good! (I took no picture, sorry.) Have a good time wherever you are.

  5. I wrote a nonet the other day after visiting Ethical ELA after you posted about it. Yours are great. I'm definitely in favor of anything that supports pie for breakfast, and the first two lines of "Today" are especially wonderful. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  6. Another form to try! I love your picture of grieving Demeter.

  7. I like those corn husk handkerchiefs, too. Also pie for breakfast! Hope you're having a good time away :-)

  8. What did I eat for breakfast on Friday and today? Why pie of course. You're inspiring me to try a nonet!

  9. The only thing better than pie for breakfast is cake!

  10. Pie: Breakfast of champion poets! Love both your nonets, Linda. Thanks for stopping by 'Switzerland' these past weeks, hope you 'visit' again soon. =)

  11. Wonderful nonets, Linda! I especially love "Today— that long-held breath, the corn husk handkerchiefs, and the sun's low bow, so respectful of the cold.

  12. These are both fantastic! We had leftover pie, but none for breakfast--maybe due to a steady supply of scones or biscuits and gravy for breakfast this weekend. I hope you enjoyed all of your weekend.

  13. A random tap of the phone brings me
    a welcome nest of word power,
    gifted by sharp poem pal
    Linda, challenging all
    to subtract from nine
    with the result
    so much

    c. 2019 JGAnnino

    You instigator you, dear Linda. Now you have me writing on my phone. ( I’m temporarily laptop/computer-less.)

    My 2020 prognosticator-sorting hat suggests there is more of this poem form in our future ( not penned by moi)

    Appreciations for this inspiring column.

  14. Love your nonets and the line from the first, "Grieving Demeter weeps" I was at a temple to Demeter many moons ago in Greece… The second nonet is delicious, and I had some pie for breakfast yesterday, and some pie tonight by my computer as I saw yours in the pic. Thanks Linda, lovely post!

  15. Delightful nonets, Linda! Thanks for the inspiration. Now that Leah Rosti has challenged me to try one, I have to read a few to see how they're done. Yours are excellent. Nice job!


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