Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Most Wonderful Gift

Oh, my goodness...we made it to Poetry Friday!

What a day, what a week, what a season. I'm happy. There's so much good abounding in preparing for holidays.

Thank you, Buffy Silverman for hosting our round-up. I'm also basking in the shower of gifts that came with this Winter's Poetry Swap. Again, thank you Tabatha for being the master elf that makes sure it happens.

This year, my swap partner is Molly of Nix the Comfort Zone. Molly helps me see more of the world that is...and what could be. She helps me write better. She's an inspiration.

I've written this blog post several times in attempts to share her beautiful swap gifts that I received. But, in the end, nothing beats the gifts themselves.


A new journal, friendly to our planet...and a new friend for my tree.

Molly's Bird photo-cards are a treasure

And, the best...poetry.

A Gift from Molly 2019

A Gift
by Molly Hogan

If I could,
I'd wrap up an hour
watching the birds
from my garden window.

I'd fill a box
with the simple joys--
the tilt of titmouse's tufted head.
nuthatch's upside-dow tree walk,
and cardinal's crimson flash.

I'd add whooshes and flutters
and woodpeckers scalloping swoops
through the air.

Around them, I'd tuck a soundtrack
woven of the raucous squawks of jays,

the soft shuffle of sparrows
scratching the earth,
and the bright rustle of mourning doves
erupting in flight.

If I could,
I'd tie it all up with sunny ribbons
and strings of birch bark,

and gift you the birds...
the peace of the morning.

I am blessed. I am fortunate for the gifts of birdsong and sunny ribbons...grateful that Molly is a writing friend. I know I am better for it.


  1. Linda, swapping gifts with you was a gift itself this December. I'm so glad you enjoyed my gift and I certainly treasure yours. Wishing you the best of holidays and a wonderful start to the new year!

  2. Such beautiful gifts! Molly's poem is gorgeous, especially "whooshes and flutters/
    and woodpeckers scalloping swoops" It made me feel so peaceful. I hope you have a joyous holiday, Linda!

  3. Wow--what lovely gifts. I love Molly's photos, and the poem puts you right at the feeder, watching the tilted head, the crimson flash, the whooshes and flutters. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  4. What a beautiful gift, the journal, the bird, and especially the poem full of the gift of birds. Thanks for sharing

  5. Linda, Molly certainly has a wonderful photographer's eye. Her gift is so special and her poem is a lovely tribute to nature and the great outdoors. When we decorate our tree each year, I add the birds who come to announce the good news of Christmas. This gift reminds me of that. Happy Holidays.

  6. Such lovely gifts and such a nice way to honor them. Thank you for this post! You are indeed blessed!

  7. What a delightful gift! That poem slowed my morning right down.

  8. Wow, LOVE Molly's poem -- the sensory details are gorgeous! The cards, notebook and ornament are so lovely too. Have a wonderful holiday . . . here are the tinkling of sleigh bells. :)

  9. I love the image of wrapping up time as a gift. That is a gift I think everyone would love: another hour.

  10. Lucky you; lucky all of us for this amazing community!

  11. Lucky, lucky you, to be paired with the amazingly talented Molly. Her images and words inspire me always. Thanks for sharing the text to A Gift, a true gift for us all. Cheers! -- Christie @

  12. Oh my, oh my--birdlove galore! They are so intrepidly colorful and cheerful (a lesson to us all). So glad you "got" Molly!

  13. Such a gorgeous winged filled treasure trove gift and then some that you received from Molly–Sounds like the birds are fluttering from inside her poem, enjoy all!


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