Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Spaces Between: Spiritual Thursday



A student came into our library asking for a book by an author of something they already had checked out. The language for this came out a bit jumbled and the Library Assistant and I struggled to understand. I asked for a spelling... got to the student's account, saw the author's name and then understood that the student was looking for a nonfiction book by the same author.

This student is part of a group that is having a difficult time of it in our country. They needed a safe space to find themselves as a human being learning to make their way in our world. 

I'm grateful to share space with this student and able to help fill space between us with affirming words. Spaces in times like this
change me far more than I change them.

Spaces between 1/9/2020



I have added a desire to become part of Spiritual Thursday in 2020. I don't really do resolutions or challenges. I prefer to celebrate what can be celebrated and work on what needs improvement. I stay plenty busy with that.

Yet, for a few years, I've seen the Spiritual Thursday posts and wanted "in." So, here I am.

This week, on a drive to a haircut I caught the end of a Fresh Air Favorites interview of journalist David Carr by Terry Gross. I hadn't heard of Mr. Carr...who passed away in 2015. But, his conversation with Terry really made me listen.

I found myself repeating the words, spaces between people aloud,  in my my head. I think about loaning a new neighbor a lawn rake, a two hour phone call with my longest held friend...

I hope to honor Mr. Carr's words. 

Photo taken on vacation...spaces between people on a lake cruise caught my eye
See you in the spaces. Visit Margaret, who is hosting January's Spiritual Thursday at Reflections on the Teche.


  1. There is something so lovely about those words, spaces between. We can be so quick to fill up spaces. I love to find those spaces between. Finally guests are gone and I have one day before heading to New Orleans this weekend. Space between. To gather thoughts, to do the laundry, to put away Christmas. Your post will help me enjoy these chores as space between. Thanks for joining! Your voice is loved and appreciated.

  2. Linda, thank you for sharing about these spaces... reminds me of the first date I had with my husband before he was my husband... we shared the most wonderful easy moment of silence during our dinner... neither of us rushing to fill that space, yet feeling completely connected... and I think maybe that's when I first knew we were meant to be together. xo

  3. I'm so glad you've joined us, and I love your choice, "spaces between." Hope it's a wonderful year!

  4. Welcome, my friend, to our small congregation of writers who like to linger in reflective spaces. We honor the spaces between our monthly blogging although I never thought of it in that way before. Spaces between is a honored pause between friends. Thank you for sharing those words that will stay with me as I near the birth of a second granddaughter. Here's to finding many more spaces to uncover and discover in the year ahead.

  5. We are always in search of friends to linger with us in the spaces between, to walk the spiritual journey together. Welcome to our monthly gathering. Your words make me want to listen to the Fresh Air Favorites you mentioned.


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