Thursday, January 20, 2022

Poetry Friday 1/21

My mood has been overly serious lately. 

Ever get like that? I need a good laugh or a light-hearted poem to bring me some cheer. 

Monday is the American Library Association Youth Media Awards --but for me, it's Newbery Day. I love tuning in to the broadcast of ALA Youth Media Award Chairpeople announcing the honor and winning books in all the categories. I really do clap and cheer from behind my screen. Someday, I'd love to see the announcements in person.

For information about awards click here

Since the pandemic began, I've had a much harder time sitting still with a book. Thank goodness for audiobooks! I laugh at the reminders from my paid account for how many credits I need to use -- when they should know full well that I'll use them all up on NEWBERY DAY! 

This leads me to the silly little ditty below. I'll be thinking It's Newbery Day (even though the Caldecott and many more awards are also announced) until Monday. 

It's Newbery Day

It's Newbery Day
Champion books
are announced today!
fans cheer
and readers praise
on Newbery Day!

Which books will win?
I don't know
award committees
read books fast
read books slow.

Poetry, mystery
nonfiction galore...
picture books, comic books
audiobooks and more!
So many great reads
out in bookstores
and libraries
where interesting titles
are what I see.
Stunning book covers
fill me with glee.

Which are the winners?
I can't wait to see.
It's Newbery Day today!

(c) Linda Mitchell. Jan 22

Thank you, Tabatha, for hosting this week's round-up at your wonderful The Opposite of Indifference

Another star poem is shining on the padlet.

ALSC Winners 2022:


  1. Linda, I am excited that you are full of Newberry Day thoughts and that we will have winners to swoon over soon. Talking about swooning, your padlet is sharing some lovely starlit poems. I have not started my padlet yet but am inspired by your progress.

  2. Yay! I love knowing that it's the 100th anniversary of the Newbery Awards, and also knowing how many other award possibilities there are these days. I just saw notice of the WNDB Walters go up. You definitely brought a light heart to your poem.
    I too have been doing a poor job of reading books--except for audiobooks! I just downloaded TO PARADISE after hearing the author interview yesterday on NPR. 28h 57m of delight await me...

  3. I am so excited, too, Linda. It's been marked on the calendar a long time! We can all cheer together on "Newbery" day! Off to your "starlight" now!

  4. I'll be tuned in for Newbery day for sure... I'm always looking for those reading treasures I surely missed! And I, too, have my overly serious times...lately I watch and rewatch this 6 second video of my husband dancing beside an inflatable dancing Santa we met while in the Florida Keys... never fails to make me laugh/smile/get happy! xo

  5. Love your "silly little ditty", Linda! Newbery Day should be a holiday for all kid lit people.

  6. It does feel like such a big day and I love hearing the enthusiasm of a librarian. Thanks for the info on all the awards. I'd like to read more about all of them and get even better prepared for "Newbery Day."

  7. I'm also excited about Newbery Day!! We all have our favorites to root for. I like your OLW for this year and enjoyed catching up on the poems you've posted on your padlet so far. Happy 2022!

  8. I would love to celebrate Newbery Day with you! Maybe some new berry tarts and caldecottage pie?

  9. Newbery Day should be a school holiday! I haven't read many books likely to be contenders this year, but always look forward to learning about the winners. I also love reading the winning author's acceptance speeches in the July/August Horn Book. I've learned so much from them over the years.

  10. I can't wait for Monday! This year the awards won't be on the big screen in my classroom, and I won't be able to run around the classroom pulling the ones I own from the shelves, but this year I'll be able to focus a little better and take notes to see which ones I need to reserve from the public library! Love your poem -- it captures the excitement perfectly!

  11. Have to add a Hip Hip Hooray to your jovial poem Linda, what fun it is, it would be exciting hearing it sung too! I'll have to find out about all the awards after my morning class, wish I could tune in earlier…

  12. I love your Newberry Day poem, Linda! I shows so much enthusiasm for books and reading! Spending credits on award winning books sounds like a great idea! Happy shopping!


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