Thursday, March 10, 2022

Get Sparked

It's Friday...which means poetry...hooray!

Thank you, Sylvia Vardell, for hosting this week's round-up at Poetry for Children. Your work as an anthologist and curator of children's poetry is an inspiration and I depend on it more times than you know.

Recently, Margaret Simon asked me to partner with her for Spark #50. I agreed and waited for her to send me a poem as an inspiration piece. Here is her poem.

Half-hearted Love 
By Margaret Simon

Butterflies open wings
gripping cellophane shells.
Overnight the light changed,
a metamorphosis for the season.
Paperwhite blossoms pop on grass.
The yellow house with the wrap-around
porch flies an American flag in the midst
of rusty farming equipment set in a circle
like a sculpture garden,garden of ghosts
hanging low on moss-covered oaks
twisting my words in the wind,
“What’s love got to do with it?”
I give my love every day,
a slice of chocolate,
a soft rose petal
oh, yes, this
poem is yours,

Wow, right?! Not only is it a poem full of energy, but there are also lots of visuals to create a response piece from. I sat down at my craft table to look through a book weeded from the public library to find a cottage...a spark. Everything I looked for after that had to work with that spark.

Response to Half-Hearted Love. Mixed-Media collage By Linda Mitchell March '22

Find more Spark 50 participant inspiration and response pieces at 

There's a new poem on the star ekphrastic poem based on this painting by Sara Pulvers that I first saw on Jama's Poetry Friday post last year. See the poem here 

Painting by Sara Pulvers


  1. I shared your collage & my poem from the February group, Linda. This collage you created from Margaret's beautiful poem is gorgeous. I will check out getsparked! I love the background of your collage especially! Happy Friday!

  2. Your poem about Ahmed and Lydia is delightful, and your collage is beautiful (you are so gifted)! Margaret's poem is definitely "wow" as you correctly stated. Thanks for all!

  3. Your spark collaboration with Margaret is on fire, Linda.
    And swoon for your "Lydia Pratt's Cat" poem with its "sneak-stretches and squiggles". Purr-fect.:)

  4. Oh my goodness, such beauty! I love the energy in Margaret's poem, and I"m so glad your art features a yellow house!! You two are lovely collaborators! LOVE. xo

  5. What a gift Margaret's poem is, and what wonderful art-- a reminder that love is the best response!

  6. Wow! You are a creative force, Linda (as is Margaret). Thanks for sharing these - love the color and depth in your collage. (And I enjoyed a chuckle with the cat poem - thanks!) ;0)

  7. Two very powerful responses to each others independent parts come together married on your blog–yes a "wow" poem from Margaret. I love the juxtaposition of the projecting larger yellow framed house and the smaller farm buildings below, and the butterflies, hearts, and leaves carrying your eye in a circular path through the composition, stunning! And one lucky, slightly sneaky, happy cat in your padlet poem… Thanks!

  8. Linda, I just love what you and Margaret created. I read her blog and there was more wonder-inspired work. Great job! Your collage is filled with so many details. That is what I like best about your collage-the layering of pieces gives the artwork dimension. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh, how fun, as usual. I love Margaret's "Half-Hearted Love" and your collage is gorgeous. How did you think of Lydia Pratt and her black cat? Wow, you got some super inspiration from the painting. I love that poem!

  10. Wow! I had to look again at the caption to discover that YOU made the collage in response to Margaret's beautiful poem! I thought it was a work of art you had found-- not one that you MADE! So lovely! What a beautiful collaboration!

  11. A beautiful poem and absolutely perfect collage. I'm loving how many PF posts today are about something being created in response to something else. Thanks for sharing both with us today!

  12. So fun to get to see the two of you collaborating. Magic happened!

  13. The rustic charm of your collage matches the tone of Margaret's poem perfectly. Well done!

  14. I feel so lucky to know you and be in collaboration. We must do it again!

  15. I'm so glad I stopped by. Your collage matches the poem beautifully. Such talent!


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