Thursday, April 14, 2022

Caption These!

Hello Poets,

I'm traveling this week to have all kinds of spring break fun with my sisters. Before I began my travels, I had fun upcycling some images from weeded books for Easter cards. I'm wondering...what captions or greetings would you include on the backs of these postcards? 

I'll put my captions below. But, I'd love to also know what you'd say!

caption this #1

Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme is hosting Poetry Friday this holiday weekend. Thank you, Matt! 

caption this #2

There is a new star poem up on the padlet that comes from stars popping up wherever I looked at last week. I was out of the library in the wilds of the classroom and it seemed I saw stars everywhere. Isn't it funny how OLW can become such a focus? I felt blessed by those friendly stars. 

caption this #3

My captions:

1. Even though Papa had presented Junior with a specially trained Easter Egg Hunting Hound, this year's hunt proved a disappointment

2. How do you paint your eggs?

3. Franny didn't understand why the bunny ears she recently purchased were so deeply discounted until after she started pedaling. 

I should be back home to respond to posts early next week. Until then, Happy Easter! Good Passover, and Ramadan Mubarak to all those celebrating. 


  1. That's a fun-looking butterflicycle!

    And I enjoyed your star poem, especially its very personal voice.

  2. Have fun with your sisters, Linda!
    I love these upcycled postcards. Thanks for your invitation to play with captions...
    #1 - Some bunny better watch out for Rover!
    #2 - Egg-cellent painting!
    #3 - No one told Franny that changing gears meant a metamorphosis.

    1. Poor much trouble in one little ride. LOL

  3. Happy Everything! I'm glad you've had a break to travel, reconnect with the sisterhood, and do some crafting! (How did I know that Bridget would have the punniest captions?!?!)

  4. #1: "Peuhhh!" / "Wasn't me!"
    #2: She wondered if Boticelli started this way.
    #3: "Beat you to the top of the hill..."

  5. Your postcards and captions are so fun. Esp. love #3!! Have fun with your sisters!

  6. What a fun creative exercise. That last one has me thinking about writing an ekphrastic poem ... Enjoy your spring break with your sisters!

  7. Your collages make such inspiring prompts, Linda. My favorite is the butterfly/bicycle. Beautiful star poem -- the idea that knowing stars are there can hold us steady.

  8. Love your images and captions. Have a great time traveling with your sisters!

  9. What a challenge! I was determined to think of something:
    1) Here's us at an egg hunt right before the war.
    2) I'll just brush a little melted wax here and more of the red.
    3) These eyes scared the predators away all day!

  10. Fun post! I'll have to think about what I would caption. I love that you are seeing your OLW pop up all over! Enjoy your break with your sisters! (You got me thinking that my sister and I need to do this - just us!) ~ Carol Labuzzetta ~

  11. What fun are those postcards, Linda. I've sent my grandson a postcard every week since he moved from here to his new state, ten years ago. I do try to find a card so I can write something silly or connected, like your #1 - Not egg-actly an Easter card, but it has an oval. Have a grand time with your sisters!

    1. Oh, I love that you send your Grandson a postcard. How wonderful to connect with your grandson that way. egg-actly--lol!

  12. What fun you're having, and wonderful collaged creations! Thanks for the invite to write, caption 1– Egg-ventures await in gold leaf glazes,2-Nothing will deter my painting determination… 3– Follow your heart's flight of fancy.
    Have fun with your sisters!

  13. Linda... your images are fabulous! Thank you, it reminds me that I have some good postcards that need sending. #2: OCD foiled her again as the egg rolled onto the floor. #3: I know... it happens at the most embarrassing moments... Have a good visit with sisters!

  14. Ha! The most embarrassing 😳 moments

  15. How fun to caption your own postcards, Linda! I love your suggestions and many in the comments as well. :D Your star poem reminds me of the picture book STARS by Mary Lyn Ray. If you haven't read it, you really should. I know you'll like it.

  16. Linda, what a lot of fun you have given us today! I love those postcards you have created and your very engaging captions. Here are my captions...
    #1 Happy trails and sails to you!
    #2 Smile and hold that pose!
    #3 Moth-erly thoughts from me to you!

    I love your star poem, especially the repetition and wishes in these lines:
    "Stars that will always
    be there"

  17. Hahaha--those captions! I stink at headlines, captions, etc., but I sure enjoyed yours :>)

  18. I love these so much--and why would I make up any captions when yours are so perfect? You should go to work for! I haven't been to the padlet for ages...on my way now!

  19. Linda, I enjoyed your Caption this challenge. Here are my captions that may pale in comparison to yours.
    1. Sailing or egg hunt? That is the question?
    2. I'll paint until the stars come out.
    Have fun with your sisters.
    I'm off to see the new addition on your padlet.
    3. In my Easter pedaling clothes, I will be the talk of the parade.

  20. What lovely wishes in your newest poem, Linda. Don't we all wish for "stars that won't fade." -- Cheers! Christie


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