Thursday, July 7, 2022

Spiritual Journey Thursday

Hello Friends,

July 6th is a curious day in my life. It's my husband's birthday. And, it's the anniversary of my mother's passing.

Very few remember the anniversary of my mother's death -- as it should be. My immediate family growing up taught me that life is for the living and to look forward. 

My husband is one of those guys that really and truly doesn't want a fuss on his birthday--which is fine. But, as his chosen opposite (lol), I love to celebrate!

You might not be surprised that I spent a big part of yesterday tearing apart rooms in my house to clean and organize. It was very much like pulling a thread on a garment--there's no end! I needed more junk holders (baskets, boxes, bins) which I prefer not to purchase(no more stuff, please). I went searching through my house for junk holders that could be emptied and re-purposed in a newly cleaned and organized room.

I did stop to make my husband's favorite meal and we did celebrate quietly.

Life has been challenging these past few years. Time to clean, sort, and organize allowed memories and good thoughts, prayers, and ideas to flow without negativity. I'm so thankful for that. My spirit is stronger for it today.

How are you doing, friend?

mixed media collage. Linda M. '22


  1. Organizing and creating order is what helps me, along with some music playing. Thanks for our visit this morning. Definitely listen to We Can Do Hard Things about grief. You will find a comfort there. Grief is love. And Love is eternal!

  2. Linda, life has been difficult lately. There are too many horrific occurrences airing on the news yet, we all need to go on. I think sorting and organizing is a wonderful way to be present in the moment. It gives us time to recall memories of items kept or sent to the trash while it gives us a sense of purpose. I see that your time was also spent collaging. The product is beautiful. i would love to know what the symbols mean on the collage. I also spent the past month trying to organize more of the boxes I brought with me from Long Island. The clutter is disappearing in the garage and most of the organization work is complete. What a great feeling. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Birthday to your husband.

  3. Life is celebration juxtaposed with loss...your cleaning and organization is a great metaphor for those memories: Ordering, reordering, making the necessary adjustments for living through, living on. And I bet those rooms feel so good and inviting! I note the music notes running through the swirls, grays, and green-blues of your collage - again, such a metaphor for life. Beautiful. Blessings to you on the marking of the 6th, in its bright and shadowed colors.


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