Thursday, October 5, 2023

Choose a visual framework--write a poem

HelLOOOOO October!

I'm not sure what you did with September, but here I am pumpkin-spiced and ready to roll.

Mary Lee tossed out this month's Inklings challenge and I love it! I have to warn you though, if you click on the Visual Frameworks link below...prepare yourself for a bit scrolling time through all the cool images.

From Mary Lee:

                    Choose an image from the                     Visual Frameworks site.                     Write a poem inspired by the image.

I can't tell you why but the gears in the image below called to me.

Gears sparked this sonnet--I'm still working on a title. Any ideas?

Sonnet Practice

These gears are turning round and round again

an automated poem for you and me

a chain of drivers and the driven spin

as syllables arranged in metric feet.

A sonnet as mechanical as this

well-oiled tick and turn of cogs whirring

gives listeners a pleasant space of bliss

when the noise of life becomes unnerving.

These gears are turning round and round again

Without a care to who will hear them spin

Turn words and phrases over end to end

A poetry in motion word-smith gin.

It’s now your turn – go out to find your pen

make words as gears and gears as words again.

Linda Mitchell 10/6/23

WORD showed up in another Gears poem. It's on WORD's padlet.

Thank you to Matt Forest Esenwine for hosting this week's Poetry Friday round-up. He's a busy poet these days and I love seeing that!



  1. I remain SO impressed that you got a sonnet out of this challenge! My favorite line is "A poetry in motion word-smith gin." You included so many great gear words! Maybe for a title INDUSTRIOUS REVOLUTION.

  2. What a challenge you gave yourself. A sonnet! They are so hard for me. This is a brilliant line: A poetry in motion word-smith gin. Yes!

  3. Wonderful sonnet, Linda, and so unique to express an appreciation for gears through a sonnet! I love your open-invitation ending!

  4. Very impressive, Linda - creative wordplay and that ending couplet is perfect!

  5. Linda, the last two lines of your sonnet has a call to action but am I really up for a sonnet. Your dazzles me.

  6. I love the gear-y, turning rhythm of your poem. Well done, Linda!

  7. Sonnets and gears each requiring precision in their movements and structure. I found myself paricularly drawn to the second stanza -its complex depiction of associated sounds. You have geared this up so well. Linda.

  8. For, Linda, well-done! I feel as if you've written about our life's "background noise" thus maybe a title? And the line "well-oiled tick and turn of cogs whirring" really touches me, life's balance?

    1. I have no idea how "for" sneaked in, meant "Wow".

  9. Oh my. Go Linda. Sonnets break my brain with their syncopated rhythm. But this is very clever. Your final three lines just nail it. Well done. I hope you're proud of this!

    Possible title; Poetry in Motion? Gearing up for Poetry? They may be a little flippant for your wise words, though. Oh! I do like Mary Lee's suggestion! (Just read it.)

  10. Gears: Ars Poetica

    Love this and can't wait to explore the site.

  11. This is such a great line! "A poetry in motion word-smith gin."

  12. “A poetry in motion word-smith gin.” Ah this line along with many more gives us a sense of gears turning and movement, that we hear and feel. Love the invitation to join in and play in the closing couplet—terrific—how about a sound emitting title, thanks!

  13. You geared up and cranked a sonnet out, Linda! Well done! :)

  14. Sonnets are so difficult to write well, but you did it! I love the invitation in the last two lines. Well done!

  15. I love this, Linda. While I love surprises and serendipity, I appreciate a framework of order and steadiness:)

  16. I love that you're "pumpkin spiced and ready to roll"! You sure took on this challenge with verve. A sonnet!? Wow! I especially love that final couplet.

  17. Linda, I too am "pumpkin spiced and ready to roll." Love your wordplay in your poem and the sweet titles that Mary Lee, Linda, Kat and Marcie have suggested. You'll have fun deciding on just the right title.

  18. Linda this is brilliant. A difficult form but you have done it justice. I especially love 'A poetry in motion word-smith gin'


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