Thursday, June 6, 2024

Inkling Challenge and Summer Hiatus

Hello Friends,

Thank you Tracey at Tangles and Tales for hosting our round-up this weekend.

Molly gave us a wonderful challenge for June.

I stopped by the Poetry Foundation for some inspiration and mentor text and found this lovely poem, You Learn by Living, by J. Patrick Lewis about one of my favorite historical figures.

Isn't that a great poem? I would so love to see students creating these for their heroes. Alas, school ends for them this week! I hope all my students enjoy a wonderful summer break and grow fat brains from reading. We can write a fresh crop of biography poems next year. 

I have plans to travel more than stay home this summer. So, for the first time in a few years, I'm taking a summer hiatus from Poetry Friday. I reserve the right to pop in and enjoy the poems of others. But, I want to preserve my writing creativity and energy for some projects that I'm working on. And, summer for a school librarian sometimes feels too short for that to me!

So, my friends, remember to hydrate, re-apply your sunscreen, take time to live and write and don't be a stranger. I can always be reached by the gmail account connected to this blog.

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Here's one more WORLD poem for the road!


  1. The thought of your students’ brains growing fat made me smile, Linda! You made the perfect choice for a mentor poem. I love how you captured the sensation of someone creating art by hand your ode to the illustrator. I will miss your insights this summer. Best of luck with your summer projects! : )

  2. I love all of this, all the yous here! Have a lovely summer, Linda! Ruth,

  3. Brava! for the travel break & perhaps some time work on creative projects, Linda!
    I luv the fun thought of our brains [I am always still a student] growing fat on summer reading.
    This J.Patrick Lewis poem about ER is new to me & such a stunner.
    I luv your homage to the artists of fairy tales who helped our imaginations share as wee folk.
    Many hugs.

  4. Illustrators are my heroes. Hearing them speak at the Fay B Kaigler conference this year (James Ransome, Jason Chin), I realize how much heart and soul they put into every illustration. Miraculous!

  5. Thank you for both of these poems, Linda. I am such a J. Patrick Lewis fan, and your poem for the illustrator is fabulous! Enjoy your hiatus!

  6. Thanks for both poems. Love your tribute to illustrators (esp. those who create by hand rather than digitally). I'm a longtime J. Patrick Lewis fan, and have been wondering why he suddenly disappeared over the last several years. Such a mystery and I miss his presence, as he often shared poems with PF peeps to feature on their blogs. Enjoy your summer hiatus!

  7. Thank you for both poems, Linda. Enjoy your summer!

  8. Linda, have a blessed, restful and creative summer! I love the title of your You poem. "You Drew Life" is so rich and full, as is your poem. I'm reading a book now called "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain, and I just read a chapter that highlights how important Eleanor Roosevelt's conscience was to her husband's success.

  9. I love your poem honoring the creativity of illustrators (and what a great title!) I also applaud your decision to fully immerse yourself in your summer and other creative endeavors. Soak up every moment!

  10. Happy hiatus and YES to traveling more than staying home! That sounds like a formula for an awesome summer. :) Can't wait to see you soon!

  11. Linda, you, you, you are the best! I love your tribute to the mighty illustrator. What a difference an artist can make in a book. Have a wonderful summer full of travel, creativity, and rejuvenation. xo

  12. I love the idea of growing a fat brain through reading and I hope students will this summer, and adults, too. I hadn't seen the J. Patrick Lewis poem about Eleanor R. and loved thinking of her. I also felt gratitude to the illustrator in your poem. Have a delightful summer, Linda! I'm sure you need some free time.

  13. J. Patrick Lewis's poem is a great mentor, and your poem is a wonderful tribute to your illustrator. I agree with Molly that the title is perfect. Enjoy all your travels, Linda!


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