Sunday, November 27, 2016

# Digilit Sunday -- What have I to Say?

Oh, the news....the news. I cannot listen to the news or read the news without having a reaction from my core, my deepest beliefs and dreams for what I wish my world to be.

This week I have been listening to a wonderful biography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Blanch Wiesen Cook. I have learned so much about ER, as Cook refers to her, throughout her three volume work.

What's interesting to me is that my impressions of ER before I watched the amazing PBS documentary, The Roosevelt's: An Intimate History, which then led me to Cook's: Eleanor Roosevelt Volumes 2 & 3 , were formed not by what I had learned on my own but the impressions of older generations of adults in my life--over several decades.

Seeing, reading, thinking for myself has allowed me to have a different and fresh view of ER.
There is so much more to ER than I ever thought. I am inspired to find out more!

I cannot help but think of the recent election and parallels to history as I learn about ER. The recent proposal of President-elect DJT of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education is something I am very much opposed to. I was very grateful to the National Education Association for putting into words concerns with their considerable experience and information. It led me to make and share this infographic to share on my facebook and twitter accounts.

I thought I didn't have much to share for #Digilit Sunday.....turns out I do!


  1. Hello Linda, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And I really like the statement in the image at the end of your post!

  2. I missed this on Sunday. Sorry. I'm glad you are fighting for this right. We must let our voices be heard.


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