Thursday, January 19, 2017

If You Were the Moon by Laura Purdie Salas

Salas, Laura Purdie, and Jaime Kim. "IF YOU WERE THE MOON by Laura Purdie Salas , Jaime Kim." Kirkus Reviews. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2017. 
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A Review

One of my favorite visual thinking strategies to use with kids is called See-Think-Wonder.
See-Think-Wonder invites students to look at something with purpose, develop opinions and questions for further learning.

I had the lovely opportunity to read a pre-publication version of If You Were the Moon (Millbrook/Lerner 2017Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Jaime Kim. As I paged through the gorgeous illustrations and was touched by the lyrical story, See-Think-Wonder kept coming to mind. I see so much....I think and wonder too.

If You Were the Moon, begins with a child’s seeing the easy side of being the moon. But the moon has some gentle instruction to impart on the child and us all. We see the moon born and growing into a child that pulls close and pushes away from mother into a mature part of the universe that has important tasks. Kim's interpretation of Salas' text is playful and warm.

Science facts on each page keep readers grounded about what our moon actually does. A glossary and suggestions for further reading are provided for curious kids. (like me)

I recommend If You Were the Moon, for pre-readers through grandparents!

If I had an infant laying against my shoulder I would read these words about the moon and allow my baby to begin hearing the rhythm of the universe.

If I had a pre-reader snuggled on my lap, I would read pictures first…what do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? Next, we would read the poetry of the text, stopping to delight over words like twilight and peek-a-book and pathway.

If I were a child, I’d have fun with spotting the games both the moon and I play.  And, I'd be curious about the physical science facts about our earth and its moon.

If I were a Teacher Librarian, I’d ask students to choose an object in nature and write a similar tale about something that we see in our world…something we don’t often consider. I’d ask those students to add facts as Salas has done so that they could show true and real learning instead of sitting down for a silly old benchmark test.

If I were a grandparent, who took walks with their grands…. I’d make a gift of this book for the days when I might not be able to be there for a walk. I'd write a special message on a special page.

I simply cannot think of a readers bookshelf where, If I Were the Moon, doesn’t fit. It fits and invites us to pick it up and read to the moon and back. 

My OLW for 2017 is LOOK. I’m so glad I got to look at this book and that now it’s a part of me. Thank You Laura Purdie Salas and Jaime Kim. Thank you! 


  1. This sounds like a beautiful book, and I love all the different ways you could share it with different readers. I want to go out and read it--and look at the moon once the clouds and rain finally blow away.

  2. Sounds like a must-have. Thanks for the thoughtful review. I love your found poem too.

  3. Linda, this review and your poem are a gift! Thank you for for this beautiful post--I loved reading your thoughts about the book and how many different approaches you might take with it. And your poem is magical. I'm grateful, Linda!

    1. I agree that you have a done a beautiful job of reviewing Laura's book that has to be an addition to my library. I also want to compliment you on your what if poem. It makes me want to read Laura's book immmediately.

  4. I just received my copy, and know it will be wonderful, like this poem, Linda. Thanks for the peek!

  5. How lovely this post is! I've seen Laura's latest book, and I love hearing your strategy for sharing it. And your found poem is gorgeous! Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful book. I love how you shared how it is a book for all. I look forward to reading it.

  7. I love hearing all the different ways you could share this book with readers - your review is both beautiful, and practical, which is a lovely combination!

  8. I love the way you describe how this book can be enjoyed by so many different age groups--including the reader. Thanks for highlighting this, another beautiful contribution by Laura Purdie Salas!

  9. This review is just as beautiful as Laura's book! My copy arrived yesterday, and I completely agree with you. If You Were the Moon belongs on bookshelves everywhere!

  10. I love your found poem. What a great idea for reviewing a book. I have a copy, too, and will be posting a review soon. I'll pingback to yours. I read it aloud to my students on Friday. They loved it, too.

  11. LOOK, to guide you in 2017, fits you so well Linda as you always look at all sides of everything.

    I am excited to read this book. Appreciations for all these ways to open up Laura's story to readers.

    And your poem sends me over the moon!

  12. If I could, I would splash into space as well, Linda! I love this poem. I think it showcases the wonder of this book. Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Thanks for the review. I'm really looking forward to Laura's book!

  14. Gotta have this book! (And HUGS to that Teacher Librarian! Learning is best when it's REAL, isn't it?!?!)

  15. Ditto to Jane's comment! What a splendid job you did describing this book, Linda, and what a magical found poem too. No doubt the moon (and Laura) are smiling from ear to ear.


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