Thursday, July 13, 2023

Poetry Friday is Here

Hello Beautiful Poets,

I'm hosting the round-up this week. I'd love for you to read my post and the posts of others and then leave a link to yours in the comment section with your link. Even though the widgets are easy, I love organizing a list of posts and me old-fashioned.

My OLW for the year is, WORD. As I've written before, I entered 2023 a bit nervous about how WORD and I would get to know each other. I worried I wouldn't find enough ideas.


WORD is now chasing me with ideas and I'm struggling to keep up.

When I was in New York with my college buddies we did things we love that we know our partners and children don't have patience for. A visit to the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery was one of these activities. 

As I walked through the gallery finding pieces of art that slowed me down for a longer look, I started to notice that some of the pieces had words embedded in the work. Oh, WORD, you silly. You found me! 
I began taking photos of art that had words embedded and now have poems.

I call the drafts below, 'Cluster Poems.' I'm not sure if there is a proper description? If so, I'd love to know.

The art is a very small part of a full wall mural:

I'm behind on clunker writing and sharing summer poetry swap goodies...I'll catch up. Summer has been packed with wonderful hours of fun and rest and thinking. I'm allowing it all to just be. 

Please remember to add your name to your comment. Blogger doesn't automatically show your name. Thanks!

There's a new WORD poem on the padlet today: 


  1. Hi Linda, Thanks for hosting! I'm actually reposting last week's post, because I *think* comments are working now. I'm in with a poetryaction to Thank a Farmer at Also, thank you for your "clunkers." Isn't it amazing how what doesn't work in one poem sparkles in another poem?

    1. Also, that was me, Laura Purdie Salas, in case my name doesn't show up for you. What a cool cluster poem. Really, it feels like a collage or mosaic of poems. It might be cool to take those elements as individual images and then use a collage tool to make one full image. Or, of course, to create one of your gorgeous handmade collages, but then you'd lose bits of poems, I suspect.

    2. PS Your Enough thoughts made me think of this first verse from the Tears for Fears song, "Break the Man."

      This was never what I thought it was
      This is not who we are
      This is where someone was meant to say
      Enough is enough
      This is nothing like they said it would be
      This is all gone too far
      When everything is running out
      This is love

  2. Thanks for hosting, Linda! (Wowser! Love that clunker to word art poetry -- and Laura's suggestions!) This week I'm sharing a HIKING haiku

  3. This is so great, Linda! I love that you did cluster poems. Amazing! I'm in with a rather large roundup of Parks and Libraries from the couple of weeks.

    Marcie Flinchum Atkins

  4. Thanks so much for hosting, Linda! Count me in the old-fashioned, round-up-each-post camp - ha. One of these days, you and I are going to meander slowly through a gallery show and/or make a big mixed media mess together.
    Your "Enough" poems are very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm celebrating Rebecca Kai Dotlich & Georgia Heard's new book, WELCOME TO THE WONDER HOUSE, launched this week. It has absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Deborah Freedman.

    1. I love to think of Robyn and Linda gallivanting together and making a mixed media mess! Can I watch, please?

    2. Um, you'd have to gallivant and get messy with us, thank you very much! ;0)

    3. A big yes to both of should have seen my paper haul from my trip to Rochester. I might need to get more glue!

    4. Count me in, too! I'll bring the fabric and floss!!

  5. I can't get enough of your "Small Poems of Enough" wonderful so much there to ponder… Your "woogly eyes of wood" poem is filled with fun and smiles, thanks for all! I'm all about Zinnias this week:

  6. Linda, your artwork and word collaboration works so well. Love the clustering of small, yet punchy, poetry you have made. Thank you also for hosting.
    I found myself celebrating poetry garnered from my local weekly marketplace this week. A wander among the stalls...

  7. Linda, I LOVE the cluster-poems idea, and isn't it fun to have more than ENOUGH to write about when you were worried about that? I might love "bring me a new moon" the most! I'm in with a dog poem from Chautauqua:

  8. I'm glad WORD has turned out to be fruitful for you, Linda. I like what you did with "enough," esp. that brazen sun. My post is here: I went with Pablo Neruda and his thoughts about what the poet is trying to achieve.

  9. Tracey Kiff-JudsonJuly 13, 2023 at 10:11 PM

    Linda, thank you for hosting. I enjoyed your Enough poems! "Enough! summers of war..." is so appropriate for today's world. You nailed it.

    Here is a link to my poem and video for this week:

    Thank you!

  10. Thank you for hosting today. I love the 'cluster poems.' So fun to have an outing with your college friends. It's so great to stay in touch with them, isn't it.
    I have a photo haiku:

  11. Thank you, Linda, for swapping clunker words to create a poetry exchange and also for hosting Poetry Friday today. I found your cluster poems gathered nicely around the key word, Enough. The first haiku really speaks to the issue of high heat. I enjoyed how she played with her words.You can find my blog at:

  12. Yay for wonderful summer hours and your cluster poems! I saw your moon. :) Thank you, Linda! I've got a poem for a blue afternoon:

  13. Linda, thanks for all the cluster poems, for today's round up, and for demonstrating how art can inspire poetry. I'm especially in awe about how you continue to be inspired by your OLW. I love how you effectively use repetition in your poems. It's hard to pick a favorite, but that image of the mailbox and tiger lilies is striking. Enough said. Here's the link to my post where I share some found poems:

  14. I love the contrast between enough and abundance in your cluster of poems! So fun to consider each snapshot. Thank you for hosting us and three cheers for "old school" roundups!

    I'm in this week with a cherita and a quilt block and a story about the amazing way the Universe works.

  15. I'm not sure if I am participating this week. It's been a rough one. When I saw that you were using the word "enough", it drew me in because enough was my OLW last year. Your poems take the other definition, like the flick of the wrist "I've had enough." Your list poem is spot on. Hats off to the librarians in the thick of distrust and book banning. I love how you take inspiration from so many places and then work them like clay to create a cluster (or padlet) of poems.

  16. I can't get enough of your cluster poems, Linda. And I concur, "Tiger lilies -- enough said". No post from me, just popping in to read and soak up the awesomeness of you and the PF folks. Happy Friday! :)

  17. Cluster poems! Love this! And "Enough" gives you such a range to play with. I like how it makes me reach to consider all the WORDS that make up one word. Thank you, Linda!

    My post is here:

  18. Thank you for hosting today, Linda. Your cluster poems around the word "enough" are brilliant! I think the new moon poem is my favorite. This week I'm sharing my response to Heidi's sudoku challenge here:

  19. Hi, LInda! Thanks for hosting! I love your enough poems, as that was my OLW for this year. I am sharing many updates in my post as well as a link to Whitman's Song of the Redwoods. My writing time has been limited by travel this month. But, I also have an important announcement regarding a project I'm going to pursue.

    1. I just got your great package today! Thank you.

  20. Hello Linda! First time sharing poetry for Poetry Friday and super excited to be here. I wrote a found poem this week after going on a hike with my mom-we needed a nice day together and it was perfect. I first shared this poem on my substack, but copied it to place here! Learning Serenity (a found poem)

    Mother-daughter adventure
    hiking, fresh air
    outdoor paradise.

    Nature Park
    Rugged, towering bluffs
    outdoor escape.

    Up close amongst wildlife
    new adventure
    learning serentity
    protecting beauty
    and family.

    The words were all in the website for the place we hiked! It was fun!

    Also, here’s the link to where it was first posted.

  21. I forgot my blog link: Thanks!

  22. I love your cluster poems, Linda, and how "word" keeps tracking you down! That first haiku is pretty brilliant and all of the others resonate as well. Enough is a word with many layers of meaning! Thanks for hosting today. Here's my post:

  23. Thank you for hosting, Linda. This is Joyce Ray. I love how your word showed up in the art museum. Your cluster poem idea brings different points of view to your writing table! I have been woefully absent from PF for a long time, but am happy to join in late today with a piece about Basho and an announcement of my new book.

  24. Like the relationship you’ve developed with your OLW, that you can say to it, “Oh, WORD, you silly! You found me!”
    Thanks for hosting. I’m joining with another moon poem.
    Diane Anderson (newtreemom)


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