Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Slice of Life: Cheerleader, Finally!

Recently, I dashed off a quick Facebook post about how great it was to meet with nine middle school kids, after school to plan and implement a Kindness Week celebrating National School Guidance Counselor’s Week. 

The group represented several nationalities, ethnicities, religions and native languages. I literally floated out of school feeling like we’re going to be OK. If we are going through some rough political times right now, tomorrow’s leaders can be trusted.

It was fun watching the “likes” and “loves” and comments from friends in response to my post. One friend said I must be enjoying discussing the current political climate with students and I had to respond that I don’t. As a Teacher Librarian I listen, support, provide resources and cheerlead. The same friend responded again to say, “CHEERLEADER has always been your strong M.O.”

Her comment took me right back to eighth grade, sitting on the bleachers at a basketball game watching the cheerleaders do their thing. I leaned over to my friend and commented that if we worked really hard to get in shape and practice all the cheers and moves we could be on the team next year.
I had no real intention of doing any such thing. I was ‘just sayin’. But, then, I was shocked and a bit crushed when a year later my friend had gotten in shape, practiced the moves and the cheers, made the team and drifted off into a new group of friends. In the way of frosh-girls, I was jealous jilted.

I know. I had a lot of growing up to do.

Fortunately, that friendship survived my growing pains. I admire the work she does in her professional and personal life and I am working as a Teacher Librarian supporting, providing resources and cheerleading for students in a public school. I am NOT in any kind of shape to wear the shorty-short skirt or shake pompoms---well, maybe pom poms. But, I am most grateful that I am involved in work I literally feel I was born to do. And best? My friend cheers me on too.

Illustration Credit: Bookshavepores. "Stuff Your Eyes with Wonder." Stuff Your Eyes with Wonder. N.p., 12 June 2012. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. .

Give me an R
Give me an E
Give me an A
Give me a D
What's that spell? READ!
What do we do every day? READ!
Morning, noon and night? READ!

Who wins with READING? WE DO!!

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