Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Slice of Life

Last Thursday was "A Day Without Immigrants". I could see, at the school where I work, that some attention was paid to this movement in response to the President's rhetoric and plans to limit immigration to my country.

This is what I saw in my world....

A teenager from the Middle East politely asking for a dictionary in his native language. They knew how to say please, thank you, yes and no, in English, perfectly.

Another teenager said, My Dad came to this country so we could have a better life, I'll be in school every day I can.

A group of pre-teens ran....yes, they were running....into the library to the far wall where shelves of books in their native language are. It's always a race for Diary of a Wimpy Kid no matter what language it's printed in.

Every Slice of my Life encounters immigrants...., For those students that showed up to continue your learning of what American means, bless you with a hug and a high-five. You are already living the dream.

books in the library where I teach


  1. It's a nice thing to hear, Linda. I love that there are those books available for them!

    1. Finally, I made it. My goal is to post to Slice of Life for a month.

  2. There were mixed responses at my school. Some whose families were actively taking part to express their views...some who saw an opportunity for a day off...and some who would never miss a day of school.

    1. mine too....I focused on the ones that were there.


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