Thursday, October 12, 2017

Aubade Practice

Happy Poetry Friday

Last week, Irene Latham shared several aubade poems on her blog,  Live Your Poem

As I read them I had an, I want to try that, feeling. There are several places in my current work in progress to place an aubade. However, I've never written one before.

I needed a mentor text to practice with. I went in search of poems of goodbye. The lyrics to Taps work even though the song is a vesper. All the feels are still there, don't you think? 
“Taps Lyrics.” Scout Songs, BSA,

My practice aubade is a riff on Taps prompted by this stunning autumn sunrise photo from my first home in western New York. Much applause to John Kucko for capturing this shot from Portageville and posting it on facebook--and friends for sharing it.

Be sure to enjoy Poetry Friday fun with this week's host, the aforementioned Irene Latham at her blog, Live Your Poem. You will love all her writing. I am so looking forward to meeting her in Phoenix at the American Association of School Librarians conference coming up in November. 

Brace yourself for a selfie, Irene!


  1. Linda, this poem is gorgeous! I love "rose and rust." Congratulations on your aubade... I love how you try EVERYTHING. You ARE a poet! Looking forward to that selfie. xo

  2. Well done, Linda! I like the first line and the image of night trailing.

  3. Beautiful, I sang your poem, Linda, and love "Colors dance, in the field, morning best." The picture is gorgeous, too.

  4. Linda, this poem is beautiful. It sings a prayer for our world.

  5. Just beautiful, Linda! I sang it too. :) The photo is gorgeous. Thanks for posting the lyrics to Taps (never knew any of them beyond the first stanza).

  6. So lovely, Linda! And BTW, speaking of lovely... you left such a sweet comment for me on Carrie's blog post last week and I never got around to replying. I may have to put together a workshop just so that I can invite you down here and give you a hug!

  7. Beautiful, Linda! I like "swelling light." You chose such strengthening, uplifting words.

  8. This is so lovely, Linda! You've captured the feeling of Taps but there's no doubt it's morning. The photo + poem should go on a card (although it seems you may have a better destination for it).

  9. This is beautiful, Linda. I, too, love "rose and rust" especially. Sunrise is such a powerful time and you've captured that feeling/sense. What a stunning photo!

  10. With all our busy Crush events happening last weekend/week, I didn't get to visit all the blogs - and obviously I missed Irene's. I'll have to back-track and do it. I've not heard of an aubade - and like you, think I might have a space for it in my WIP.

    A beautiful prayer - lovely lilt and such well-chosen words. Your first and last stanzas do their jobs so well! And that photo! Gorgeous! Was this your actual barn and farm?

  11. Your aubade sings such a glorious song of praise, Linda, and the photo is so full of autumn's promise of brilliance. This would be a great combo for Autumn Ablaze.

  12. I am hugging your poem to my heart. It is so tender, so filled with emotion. A prayer, a hymn, a praise song. Kudos.

  13. A poem with heart and love in it. I love how it ends. That last word hangs in the air. Well done.

  14. Lovely lovely lovely. Especially like "rose and rust"--three words that capture an autumn dawn. Here's an aubade I wrote the year that it f*ing snowed on the first day of Spring Break.

    Aubade, March 25

    spring break,
    yes it’s called SPRING
    break and the tender
    green of a few brave
    jonquils bends and
    breaks under late

    the arc of this morning
    universe is also long, but
    bends toward INjustice,
    breaks the tender
    green of my less brave
    spirit: no snow day nor

  15. Beautiful song-abaude poem Linda, I sang it through a few times! This line resinates for me:"Strength restored, and renewed in our rest." I always feel so much better in the morning, thanks!

  16. You've opened my eyes, Linda! My father used to sing us Taps, but we knew it as one of his "Boy Scout Songs." I never realized it was an aubade. Beautiful sounds in your line "rose and rust, coming frost."

    1. Taps is a vesper. I stole the feels from it for an aubade.

  17. Oh, this is lovely...simply lovely. xxx


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