Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Sandwich

Hello Poetry Friday Poets,

I hope you are enjoying this summer and soaking up sunshine memories. 

Poet, writer of memoir and friend Heidi is graciously hosting this week's round up over at My Juicy Little Universe. Please stop by and say hello there.

On Sunday I received my first Summer Poetry Swap surprise from  Molly Hogan. The package is such a classic American taste of summer I want to share it with you.

When I opened the package I found a beautiful hand-made card with Molly's signature and stunning photography, a pot of home-made strawberry jam and of course, a poem.  

Strawberry Wishes
by Molly Hogan

I wish you strawberry blossoms
transforming to juicy rubies
beneath warm sun
and gentle rains

I wish you sticky red fingers
the imprint of straw on your knees
and the heady scent of berries
simmering on your stove

I wish you a strawberry summer
ripe with moments to preserve
a growing memory shelf
of glowing jars
filled with sustenance
and sweetness

And come winter
I wish you slow, peaceful moments
to savor a taste of preserves
and sweet summer memories

of a time when
the pace was languid and lovely
and the sun lay golden
on the fields.

The experience of opening the package and opening the jam and enjoying all of it has been out of this world wonderful. I'm grateful to Molly for her thoughtful swap surprise as well as Tabatha for arranging some summer fun. 

Strawberry Jam by Molly

I am away from my desk on Friday...I will catch up with Poetry Friday posts a little slower than most weeks. 


  1. What a delicious poem, which I is as sweet as I'm sure the jam was. Yum all round.

  2. Yum, and what a lovely table set out for us. A delicious package all around–the closing stanza is lovely and offers a soothing memory from summer. Thanks for sharing this strawberry filled post Linda, enjoy!

  3. What a lovely gift! Homemade preserves are the best, and the poem makes me craves strawberry jam. Perfect for summer!

  4. Lucky you! I'm remembering all those summers when I made jam and chutney...good times. Good memories. Glad to HAVE DONE that!!

  5. Love this tasty swap and all its sweet, golden goodness!

  6. Jammy delicious! So languid and nostalgic. Lovely gift from Molly.

  7. What a delightful poetry swap gift just right for a summer picnic. Molly's words call to mind images of an old-fashioned summer with a loving sentiment:
    I wish you a strawberry summer
    ripe with moments to preserve
    I hope you are enjoying your summer with a little bit of strawberry preserve to make it more delicious.

  8. I love this poem. Even though I can't taste the jam, I can taste this poem. I love the wishes and how full of imagery they each are. Molly is a wonderful poet. I cross my fingers that she is one of my poem swappers.

  9. We just made some strawberry preserves ourselves, so I can taste the poem as much as the jam!

  10. What a luscious gift! I can smell the "heady scent of berries/simmering on your stove." Thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. Yum...a delicious poem indeed. You'll be remembering summer all the longer thanks to your very own jar of summer's strawberry treasures.

  12. Wow! Such a lovely poem and a perfect swap!


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