Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer Poetry Sharing

Hello Friend and Happy Poetry Friday,

I do not know if there is anything quite as wonderful as the Summer Poetry Swap organized by Tabatha, host of The Opposite of Indifference.

When I arrived home from the beach I had two treasures waiting for me. I adore each and am grateful to have been in on this year's swap. If you think you might want to give it a try...definitely join the next one.

From Jone Rush Macculloch, a poem embedded in one of her stunning bird photos.

morning walk
red winged blackbird sings
signals his place in the world
bringing unity

         (c) jone rush macculloch

From Iphigene....all the way from the Philippines.


Asked: "why are my eyes
not like yours~round
and blue?" I tell her, "you got my
nose though."

She'd measure our noses
with her thumb, press
Hers to mine

When the laugh dies down
I think of wombs--
the shape of it,
elongated spheres
holding life.

I think of hearts
the shape of it,
elongated spheres
holding life in it.

And maybe,
wombs and hearts
are interchangeable
where umbilical cords
become invisible.

Threads that bind--minding
not skin, not genes

only that beneath her
tiny ribs and my own

is a music that tells us
we are each other's own.

She pokes my arm
out of my thoughts 

looks at me with
black, questioning 

"But our noses can't be
alike," I trace her
nose and smile, "ah!
but our hearts will,

(c) Iphigene Daradar 2018

I am blessed beyond measure don't you agree?

Please visit Mary Lee Hahn who is hosting this week's Poetry Round-up at A Year of Reading and a pretty impressive blitz poem there. Thank you, Mary Lee!


  1. What gorgeously rich treasures you received–Jone's nature and Iphigene's human nature poem both filled with layers of thought, thanks for sharing them both Linda!

  2. Indeed, these are so touching, Linda, each unique and lovely to read.

  3. Blessed indeed. Two such beautiful poems! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Lucky you! I'm amused that Jone's red-winged blackbirds sing "conk-la-ree." I hear "coke-a-ree!" I guess it's like the different ways other languages interpret a rooster's "cock-a-doodle-doo!"

    1. Mary Lee, I like to look up bird sounds from the website, Cornell. They said conk-la-ree. Coke-a-ree works too.

    2. And then along comes Christie with a bird song mnemonics poem!!!

    3. I remember singing "Old Macdonald Had a Farm" at a story time once where most of the mothers were from another country, and they were so confused by all my strange animal noises, because in their language animals say very different things! It had never occurred to me that animals might say different things in different languages! :-)

    4. When I taught in Greece, the ELL teacher had a really fun lesson about animal sounds from all the countries represented in her class. They posted them on a bulletin board. Super fun way to get kids talking and laughing!

  5. You are indeed blessed beyond measure with these poetic treasures. Iphigene's poem is such a beautiful mother-daughter exchange. I adore it. "a music that tells us we are each other's own."

  6. Such different poems! Both very beautiful - and enhanced with their visuals. Enchanting.

  7. It lifts me up to feel the thrum of unity theme that both poems poured into your world & now into our lives. Thank you for gifting your post with these gifts, to you.

    And yay! about reaching the beach.

    Hope your August is august dear Linda.

  8. Ooohhh....both of these are beautiful. It is those invisible cords that bind that are the strongest. Thank you for sharing your treasures.

  9. That is a lovely song of unity from the elongated sphere of the universe. If we listen to the birds, then we all have that in common. You are a lucky recipient, indeed.

  10. Oh, these are both beautiful! What wonderful poetry swap bounty! Jone's picture and poem with its theme of unity is uplifting and I love Iphigene's
    "only that beneath her
    tiny ribs and my own
    is a music that tells us
    we are each other's own."
    Such treasures in your mailbox!

  11. Such treasures to return to indeed, Linda! I hope you'll play along with my bird poem challenge in two weeks, too! :-) -- Christie @

  12. What wonderful gifts you received! I love that each poem is so different and yet both about unity in our hearts. Thank you for sharing, Linda!

  13. Jone's bird music and Iphigene's "a music that tells us
    we are each other's own"-- lovely!!


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