Thursday, December 27, 2018

Celebrating the Short: 15 Words or Less with Laura Salas

Oh, look! it's the last Poetry Friday of 2018

Whew, did that sneak up fast. 

I'm wishing all my poet friends a most happy 2019. 

I've participated in Laura Salas' 15 Words or Less prompt that she shares early Thursday mornings (guidelines here). I enjoy the challenge of creating something short, complete and on the fly as I sip my coffee before dashing off to school.

15 Words or less is creativity I often share with this week's Round-up host, Donna, at Mainely Write. Donna shares words on paper and screen and heart throughout our year. 

Thank you for hosting this week, Donna. 

All photographs below are credited to Laura Salas. Words are mine. Enjoy! I'm still haiku-ing away. Here's the link for my contributions to #haikuforhope.


  1. Linda,
    I returned from your neck of the woods after a delightful Christmas vacation to find your engaging set of poems. The silver lining poem especially intrigued me with your word play. Within the 15 words or less and Laura Salas' photo prompts, you found a variety of thoughts. While away, I was taken by the beautiful wooden paths in Reston and so I began to experiment with thoughts-a mental game until I came home to my computer.

  2. Boy you nailed that reverso poem on the head Linda your
    "You see
    what she sees"
    great job–and what fun it is too!

    I like your
    Happy New Year!
    poem too!

  3. Aren’t Laura’s prompts fun? I always enjoy your 15 words...or less!
    Hope you have a Happy New Year.

  4. Such fun to see all these 15 words or less poems in one spot! I so enjoyed participating this week. Usually I miss the prompt because I'm in "get ready and get out the door" mode by the time it arrives in my mailbox. I especially like your "Pushing Through" and that fabulous silver lining poem. Isn't it fascinating to see how people take the same photo prompt in so many different directions?

  5. Linda! How much fun--I love seeing this other extraplayful side of your writing. I've tried a few times to make this a habit, but here's what I find hard: when Laura starts listing possible entries into the image (which are undoubtedly useful for some people and always interesting), I get all distracted and I can't react naturally. The moment of inspiration passed me by so often I gave it up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What fun! Parking lot/my spot/or so I thought made me giggle. Several of us are very territorial when it comes to our school parking spaces! LOL! Happy new year!

  7. I love finding you on Laura's site most Thursdays. These poems are full of whimsy and fun word play!

  8. You've shown such wonderful variety in these, Linda, from action in 'whir, twist, turn, spin' to beauty in 'pink petals' & whimsy in 'or so I thought'. I miss writing to Laura's prompts. I had written for a long time, then began working at the bookstore on Thursdays. Guess I need to rise earlier! Thanks for sharing all of these, and Happy New Year to you! Yes, it's arrived fast!

  9. Great responses to Laura's prompts--I always enjoy reading your 15wol poems on Thursdays!

  10. What a magnificent collection, Linda! You are a master at the 15 words or less challenge. I've missed reading your work! Happy New Year!

  11. These are really fun, Linda! I can't believe you manage to get these written and still get out the door to work! That's pretty darn impressive! Eye sass made me laugh- I'm sending it to one of my friends that has a beetle!

  12. These are wonderful, Linda! I especially love the silver lining "falling/one feather at a time..." Thank you for sharing them today!

  13. The silver lining poem -- just beautiful. It's perfect in its smallness.


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