Thursday, December 20, 2018

Haiku for Hope

Thank you, Mary Lee Hahn, for your now annual invitation to write one haiku each day in December. It is a beautiful mindful exercise. You can see her invitation on her blog, A Year of Reading

I scroll through my twitter feed early mornings until something  grabs my attention inspires haiku--actually haiga which is haiku with a visual (see captions for image credit links). 

It is indeed hopeful to spend time noting significance in each day. And, I've so enjoyed seeing other poet friends responses to the invitation as well. Search #haikuforhope on twitter to find more.

Buffy Silverman is hosting our round-up today. Thank you, Buffy.

December 31

Bain News Service, Publisher. Cafe, New Year's Eve. [Between and Ca. 1915] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, .

December 30

December 29

December 28

December 27th

December 26th

December 25th

December 24th

December 23rd

December 22nd

December 21

December 20

December 19

December 18 (bonus)

December 18

December 17

December 16

December 15th

December 14th

December 13th

December 12th

December 11th

December 10th

December 9th

December 8th

December 7th

December 6th

Schnitzspahn, Doug. “The 10 National Parks You Need to Visit.” National Geographic, National Geographic, 23 Feb. 2018,

December 5th

Robert. “Word of the Day: ‘Skyelly’ - of a Sky, for the Greater Part Overcast, but with Bright & Glittering Clouds Prominent, Often Glowingly Backlit by Sun (Scots, Esp. Orcadian; Also ‘Glamsy’ & ‘Skyran’); Usually Portending the Arrival of Bad Weather.” Twitter, Twitter, 5 Dec. 2018, 

December 4th

Davis, Jerome. “Found My Missing Files. Penfield, NY” Twitter, Twitter, 19 Nov. 2018,

December 3rd

Steele, Paul. “Gorilla Tracking Uganda - The Mubare Family.” Baldhiker, BaldHiker, 10 Sept. 2018,

December 2nd

According to google: The principle (of the wheel) was discovered, but the implementation of the object was invented - ie it is the combination of axle, hub, and bearing that is the invention, allowing a wheel to be attached to a cart or similar, to make it useful. “Today in History: Dec. 2.” WTOP, WTOP, 2 Dec. 2018,

December 1st

November 2018 was the month we lost our dear friend and stellar Teacher Librarian Beth Bowen. After her passing, her school claimed #BeTheLight as a remembrance of Beth. I missed her sorely at our annual conference.

All haiga in this post are (c) Linda Mitchell 2018 for December's #HaikuforHope invitation by Mary Lee Hahn.


  1. Thanks for sharing this collection--you have been productive! I especially love the crow calling and the snug snow day.

  2. It has been lots of fun, Linda & I love that you've written to the wonderful pictures, too. It is interesting what comes into our minds when we "see an image.'jinkle bells shiver". Happy Holidays!

  3. These are a treasure, Linda. I have to note some faves. December 18 (bonus) is a delight. And such gentleness (a hush) in that snow day page turning… Guatimala - lovely. Your snowman with class - on a day school is closed! Lighthouse! Skyelly. Fast wheels! Beautiful tribute to your friend. So much to love, obviously. What a rewarding month.

  4. My favorite is the swirling ideas and snow! Thank you for these!

  5. Thanks for sharing your haiga here. I don't tune in to Twitter much these days, so I've missed most of these. I love how you capture the photos deeper meaning in your poems.

  6. What a rich offering for the solstice, Linda. As a shelter dog mom, I loved your December 20 haiku. Those beating hearts are so sweet. December 16th's swirling ideas also caught my ear and eye.

  7. I like your "pink and green are friends," it reminds me of Kevin Henkes book "Waiting" about a bunch of toy animals that start talking to each other and become friends.

  8. What a great collection. By always using Twitter inspiration, yours all look and feel like they belong together. (Did you submit yours to National Geographic?!?)

  9. Wow wow wow--they do intrigue as a group, but I have enjoyed experiencing each one individually. Your range is impressive, Linda. Submit what to National Geographic what?!

  10. Linda, I missed last week's PF so I am really impressed with your experimentation with word play and images. There are so many to choose from but December 10th's haiga stands out.


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