Thursday, April 18, 2019

Progressive Poem April 18

Got it, Amy!

I just caught a poem from one of my favorite poets, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater. She had the 17th line in this year's Kidlitosphere's Progressive Poem and told me to "take it away," because I have line 18 today.

Our progressive poem, contains lines contributed by a different authors. This month, kidlit poets from around the blogosphere each contribute a line from a song to the poem as it grows and grows. Kidlitosphere bloggers have been doing this since Irene Latham started our annual #NationalPoetryMonth tradition in 2012.

This year, poet author Matt Forest Esenwine challenged us to use lines from song lyrics. I have a handful of songs that immediately put me into a good mood. Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder is one of line is from that song.

First, take a look at the poem so far:

DAY 18

Endless summer; I can see for miles...
Fun, fun, fun - and the whole world smiles.
No time for school - just time to play,
we swim the laughin' sea each and every day.

You had only to rise, lean from your window,
the curtain opens on a portrait of today.
Kodachrome greens, dazzling blue,
It's the chance of a lifetime,

make it last forever-ready? Set? Let's Go!
Come, we'll take a walk, the sun is shining down,
Not a cloud in the sky got the sun in my eyes.
Tomorrow's here. It's called today.

Gonna get me a piece o' the sky.
I wanna fly like an eagle, to the sea
and there's a tiger in my veins.
Oh, won't you come with me waltzing the waves,
                                                                                          diving the deep?

It's not easy to know
less than one minute old


Below you can read the list of where each poem line originated:

Found Lines:
L1   The Who, 'I Can See for Miles' / The Beach Boys, 'Endless Summer'
L2   The Beach Boys, 'Fun, Fun, Fun'/Dean Martin, "When You're Smiling"
L3   The Jamies, "Summertime, Summertime'
L4   The Doors, 'Summer's Almost Gone' / Led Zeppelin, 'Good Times, Bad Times'
L5    Ray Bradbury, 'Dandelion Wine
L6    Joni Mitchell, "Chelsea Morning"
L7    Paul Simon, "Kodachrome," "Dazzling  Blue"
L8    Dan Fogelberg, "Run for the Roses" 
L9    Spice Girls, "Wannabe"/Will Smith, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"
L10  The Beatles, "Good Day Sunshine"
L11   The Carpenters, "Top of the World"
L12   Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Underneath the Lovely London Sky" 
          from MARY POPPINS
L13   Carole King, "Hi-de-ho (That Sweet Roll)"
L14  Steve Miller, "Fly Like An Eagle"
L15   Don Felder, "Wild Life"
L16   Nowlenn Leroy, "Song of the Sea" (lullaby)
L17   Sara Bareilles, "She Used to Be Mine" from WAITRESS
L18  Stevie Wonder, "Isn't She Lovely" 

And here is a list of the line finders:
Poem Line Contributors:
2 Kat @ Kathryn Apel
3 Kimberly @ KimberlyHutmacherWrites
4 Jone @ DeoWriter
Linda @ TeacherDance
6 Tara @ Going to Walden
Mary Lee @ A Year of Reading
9 Rebecca @ Rebecca Herzog
10 Janet F. @ Live Your Poem
12 Margaret @ Reflections on the Teche
13 Doraine @ Dori Reads
14 Christie @ Wondering and Wandering
16 Carol @ Beyond LiteracyLink
17 Amy @ The Poem Farm
18 Linda @ A Word Edgewise
20 Buffy @ Buffy's Blog
21 Michelle @ Michelle Kogan
22 Catherine @ Reading to the Core
23 Penny @ a penny and her jots
25 Jan @ Bookseestudio
26 Linda @ Write Time
27 Sheila @ Sheila Renfro
29 Irene @ Live Your Poem

Bounce to you, Heidi!


  1. Ooooh! I was excited to see what you would do. I don't know why yesterday I felt a need to turn to the reflective. Thank you for catching, friend! Happy Poetry Friday. xxxx

  2. This change of direction and tone and diction (shorter lines) is so intriguing. And appropriate for the middle of the poem. Happy Poem in your Pocket Day. What poem are you carrying?

    1. I know! I LOVE the turn in a poem....I was stumped by line 17 but Stevie Wonder did the trick even in such a happy song as 'Isn't She lovely' there was a line that added mystery--so I snagged it. Fun!

  3. This line opens up so many possibilities!

  4. Oh! And, I'm carrying 'How to Make a Prairie' by Emily Dickinson. Using it as a mentor text today.

  5. Yes! Here we go! Thanks for your great line, Linda. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  6. You've shown that excitement of the world opening up, Linda. Anything can happen! Wonderful line!

  7. Wow! No idea where this is going, but so excited to see. I'm carrying Rossetti's Who Has Seen the Wind with me today. I wonder if our little Progressive Poem is being carried by it? Cheers! -- Christie @

  8. What an unexpected turn you've taken, Linda! Thank you (and Stevie). xo

  9. And I'm wondering if we'll find out what's, "less than one minute old…" I like the song choice, he's up on my list to choose from too.

  10. Things have definitely turned. I thought we were headed for the waves, but now new thinking. Can't wait for Heidi's addition. The poem in my pocket? Tracie Vaughn Zimmer's "The Poems I Like Best."

  11. Adding this twist, wonderment and newness to the poem. Where are we headed, what will be? Makes me want to turn the page right now!!!! Janet Clare F.

  12. Linda, a turn of events has begun with this stanza. The wondering begins with your line. I have been thinking quite a bit about Holy Week as I make cookies for Easter so I found a wonderful old poem to celebrate Easter, "Easter Wings" by George Herbert.

    1. Oh, that's cool. Holy week is so special. For years we were always traveling as it is also spring break for us. Being home has given me time to give Holy week some time. And, it has been nice.

  13. Yowzers. So glad I'm not Heidi. I have no idea where this is going now. (No pressure or anything, Heidi.🙃) A fascinating line.

  14. Hmmm! Wonder what/who is not easy to know! Nice!

  15. I love
    "Isn't She Lovely" & I must confess -
    it was years before I really heard the lyrics & understood we were talking about a wee, wee, one! (fuzz hears, listening in bars, etc. etc.) So WONDER-ful that you called upon the genius of Stevie Wonder.

    Hugs to you dear Linda, poet


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