Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Riddle Poem 6/23/17

My family and I are traveling this week...and our first day in a new city I couldn't help falling in love with the poetry all around me including a real poetry garden -- which is new to me. We celebrated the almost twelve hours of this Summer Solstice being together discovering a new place...can you guess where we are?

Have lots more poetry fun at the wonderfully creative Heidi at
My Juicy Little Universe

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, couldn't fool you poets! Yes, I'm in Seattle and having a marvelous time with my family....not only do I love these people. I like them.

I've gone a little cuckoo over finding cool words here. Yikes!

Word art by Linda who is really enjoying Seattle!

(c) Linda Mitchell

Photos by Linda!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Poetry Friday

I recently joined Laura Shovan's 5th Annual February Daily Poem Project. Still going strong after four months, participants take turns selecting news articles and ten words from the article for a found poem.

Linda Baie introduced this month's news article, Ditch the grammar and teach children storytelling instead.  as well as ten words from the article to use in a found poem. I took chance on a found...concrete poem with nine of them. Can you spy which one is missing?   

internal, frustrated, storytelling, direction, craft, territory, happy, robots, natural, stuff

Swing on over to A Year of Reading for some fun on the Poetry Friday playground this week. Thank you, Mary Lee for hosting. I'll play you a round of checkers or two. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Poetry Friday

Last week, I was intrigued by Diane Mayr's part II description of the Massachusett's Poetry Festival she attended on her blog, Random Noodling. The writing prompt given to her from the flower stall called to a love poem in me I didn't even know was there. 

Thanks, Diane. 

And, thanks to Buffy Silverman for hosting Poetry Friday this week on Buffy's Blog

After the Rain, it all Looked Different

We kissed, that first time. Remember?  After
the storm burst--me laughing at  the

sight of you slip-sliding in the rain.

Thunder chased us.  It

was you, glistening with August raindrops, my all

became your summer soaked face that looked

like love, and since then, I've never known different.

(c) Linda Mitchell

15 Words or Less

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Poetry Friday 5/26


It's the end of the school year....which feels like a hyped up version of the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Between all the duties to attend to at the school where I work and all the events to attend for my own children, my writing time has come to a standstill. This always makes me grouchy.....which accounts for the haiku venting below.

For a much more positive and enlightened Poetry Friday....stop by Margaret Simon's Reflections on the Teche.  She inspires me with her words on a daily basis. And, is a good cure for grouchy!

(c) Linda Mitchell

(c) Linda Mitchell

15 Words or Less

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Poetry Friday Anniversary

First, thanks to Keisha for hosting our Poetry Friday round-up this week. Her weekly writing invitations have become a part of my writing life. A visit to Whispers from The Ridge is a treat and very worth the trip. 

A year ago, I embarked on a journey to a Highlights Workshop for verse novel writers in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. My time in that workshop was incredible. I allowed myself time to write in the company of other writers.

My question one year ago was, am I good enough? Can I do this thing of writing a novel in verse? My answers are what I shared last week. But, I'd like to allow a year's perspective of writing to elaborate.

Yes:  I can write a novel in verse. If I am anything, I am a goals setter--and achiever. So, if I work toward my goal of a novel in verse I will do it.

No: I am a writer. I may write a novel in verse or two or more. However, it might not be published. The market for all writing is highly competitive. I'm not sure I can write a marketable novel in verse at the same time it's in demand in light of the competition. That's simply the truth of it for many writers.

Maybe So: Silly things keep me from writing. Sometimes, I don't write unless inspired....or here's a good one...I don't write if I haven't researched enough. I don't know "enough" about my topic to write. So, I'd better spend some time looking up facts.....three hours later I look up from social media and my time for writing has gone. Maybe working on the discipline of writing really is important.

It Depends: Right now, my work as wife and mom to my family and as a full-time public school librarian keeps my plate full. Any writing I do is on the fringes of what time any of the hundreds of people in those circles need with each other.

But still....I write. I'm forever grateful to Jan Godown Annino at Bookseedstudio for holding my hand through figuring out the nuts and bolts of PF. Now that I've achieved a year Poetry Friday posts, I may take a Friday or two off. I may just read what others contribute.

Today's Little Ditty's writing challenge comes out of Michelle Barns' interview with Melissa Manlove: Write a poem that explores how writing (or a book) is like something else. Contributors share their work on Michelle's (@MichelleHBarns) May 2017 padlet. Here's my response to the challenge.....this is me....still writing. Happily.


When a poem pauses,
she places a hand
over her heart
sensing the matter
and meter of the universe
which is itself,
Free verse or rhyme,
sonnet or haiku
form matters less
than the half-life of each word,
                each syllable
moving through time, space
and consciousness
settling where it will.
A poem knows those gazers
with telescopes
and butterfly nets
jumping and grasping at
notions to anchor to a page
as finite as a constellation.

Gravity is such a nuisance.
Poem understands
creative arcs are brief
and glancing, fueled by bravado
and as much heartache.

She gathers the inks--
and pens of scribblers--
and sighs.
She knows.

© Linda Mitchell