Thursday, July 20, 2017

Poetry Friday -- Mid-Summer Reboot

It happens every summer

I reach summer's mid-point and realize that I have not accomplished half of what I wanted to before heading back to school. You know the gist...I want to

write more
finish a wip

take up yoga
clean out closets
exercise an hour a day
read my entire TBR pile
live off my backyard garden
cook healthy and lose weight
keep my kids from summer slide
encourage my kids to independently fight boredom
fill up with enough peace and harmony to last all through next school year.


This leads me headlong into that ohmygosh, ramped-up feeling. Fortunately, there is a cure--for me, anyway. I stop, drop and read. Tuesday, I cleaned up a "corner" of the basement and found some books that a teacher weeded from her classroom (she moved schools. sob). These books are not even on my official TBR pile--yet.

I sat down on the floor and began with Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People by Monica Brown (Holt 2011). This picture book is not new to me....but I've not picked it up in a while. So, it felt new framed in my current ohmygosh state.

Each page is filled with words from Neruada's  poetry and life. The love of words slowed me down. I read it again, slower...and again.

I read and loved-on the words...feeling their heft and weight and edges. And then, I went and picked up another book, You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen, by Carole Boston Wetherford....which led me to make lists of setting specific words (you can see my list here).  Then, I read and delighted in My Seneca Village by Marilyn Nelson (namelos, 2015) and enjoyed finding her playful and joyful use of form. The author notes about writing the poetry in this book inspire me to write.  

I am finding my mid-summer center and my calm. It is good. 

I'd love to know what you do when you need a re-boot!

Thanks to Katie at The Logonauts for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up. 

Poetry Friday Post B

I had an entirely different post written for Poetry Friday.....then, I was cruising through my twitter feed and came across this tweet.

G, Lakshmi, and Hi. "Poetry Prize Winner Found Beauty in Urdu Poetic Tradition." NBCUniversal News Group, 19 July 2017. Web. 19 July 2017. . 

I read the article. Some of my students are Urdu speakers and I am always trying to get to know them and find ways of welcoming them to reading in my middle school library. 

This poet, Adeeba Shahid Talukderis a recent MFA graduate. She is certainly not writing MG that my students would read at school. But, I was curious...and google helped me find out more. I was able to find a few of her works. 

I hope to keep track of this poet as she makes her way in the world. I feel like I've already made a new friend.

Here's one of her poems...there's more out there.

Thanks to Katie at The Logonauts for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Round-Up. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Poetry Friday 7/14/17 Where am I?

I have been traveling.....about 1,200 miles in four days but so worth it. I have collected bushel baskets full of words and am happily looking over the harvest and enjoying the fruits of my collection labors. 

One of the places I visited has been on my bucket list for a while now....and I finally got to spend some time there. Can you guess where?

trying to the cottage or at the's one of those grammar snafus for me!

July 12, 2017
Ah, a rendezvous in the country
to the cottage
where it is as common
to greet a king
or a firebrand
as a sugar maple.
Here, life is a
vanity fair gathering.
Walking the trail
dreaming grand dreams
playing truth or dare
with our lady who insists
“You must do the
things you think
you cannot do

Where am I? Update: Hmmmmmmmm perhaps I made my riddle a little too tricky. I was visiting the first National Historic Site dedicated to a US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt's cottage, Val-Kill. If you can get to Hyde Park, just a train ride from NYC and totally worth it. At Val-Kill, ER entertained pals, royalty, political operatives and diplomats of all sorts with country charm. She made everyone feel welcome and valued as a guest. She inspires me. 

Despite the steamy heat of's #NationalMacAndCheeseDay here in the US. 

Our Poetry Friday host, Tabatha Yeatts, at The Opposite of Indifference is holding a feast. Dig in!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Poetry Friday 7/7/17 Rivers are never ending construction zones

I live on the east coast but my mind and writing attention are still in my recent visit to the Northwest Pacific.

When visiting the Suquamish Museum in Suquamish, WA, I was completely taken with the small but beautiful exhibits...especially the one about the Elwah River. There was a line in the exhibit documentation that I knew immediately was going to be a golden shovel poem as soon as I saw it.....and it became the title too.

Healthy rivers are never ending construction zones

People of clear salt water well know that  healthy
dances with death and lifeRivers
and sea, sky and forest give and partake. The Changer* knows people  are
meant to learn this with fasting, prayer, meditation and ritualNever
was sun to overpower moon. No  ending
forgets its start…a longhouse was red cedar, before  construction.
Each chinook thrived in salt before thrashing current to spawning  zones.

(c) Linda Mitchell

* Changer is the name of God to the First Peoples of Suquamish

"Elwah: A River Reborn." Suquamish Museum - Featured Exhibit. Https://, 28 June 2017. Web. 02 July 2017. 

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Poetry Friday -- Goodbye Vacation

Saying Goodbye to Vacation....hello to Poetry Friday at Random NoodlingThanks for hosting, Diane!

Vacation found word poem by Linda....smiles by sister, Jenn.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Riddle Poem 6/23/17

My family and I are traveling this week...and our first day in a new city I couldn't help falling in love with the poetry all around me including a real poetry garden -- which is new to me. We celebrated the almost twelve hours of this Summer Solstice being together discovering a new place...can you guess where we are?

Have lots more poetry fun at the wonderfully creative Heidi at
My Juicy Little Universe

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, couldn't fool you poets! Yes, I'm in Seattle and having a marvelous time with my family....not only do I love these people. I like them.

I've gone a little cuckoo over finding cool words here. Yikes!

Word art by Linda who is really enjoying Seattle!

(c) Linda Mitchell

Photos by Linda!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Poetry Friday

I recently joined Laura Shovan's 5th Annual February Daily Poem Project. Still going strong after four months, participants take turns selecting news articles and ten words from the article for a found poem.

Linda Baie introduced this month's news article, Ditch the grammar and teach children storytelling instead.  as well as ten words from the article to use in a found poem. I took chance on a found...concrete poem with nine of them. Can you spy which one is missing?   

internal, frustrated, storytelling, direction, craft, territory, happy, robots, natural, stuff

Swing on over to A Year of Reading for some fun on the Poetry Friday playground this week. Thank you, Mary Lee for hosting. I'll play you a round of checkers or two.