Thursday, June 13, 2019


Good Poetry Friday Everyone

Our last official week of spring...wheeeeeeee! Pop over to Laura Shovan's blog for all the Poetry Friday goodness of this week.

My family has been enjoying celebrations of our daughter's graduation from high school. I'm already with her at her university registering for fall classes.

Amid the festivities I checked out of my last day of school for this year. At our annual staff potluck spirits were high. A beloved colleague, retiring after over thirty years of service, read us a poem she had received in a card by Suzy Toronto. It's lovely...especially when our friend Pam changed the word, "she" to "we" and the title to, We Who Were Called to Teach.

She Who Was Called to Teach

The epiphany of her life came in a
breathtaking flash of enlightenment.
The challenge that would be her life's work
would be spending her days teaching, nurturing
young minds of future generations.

read the rest at: Suzy Toronto

Poetry Friday is here next week 

I have been searching my journal pages for poetry lines to give away in exchange for one from a friend--that's you! Find a line of poetry that has not yet seen the light of day. Maybe it's an idea for a poem or a ditty you drafted but never revised. Be ready to exchange it for one I'll have for you next week. It does NOT have to be polished or good or even grammatically correct. This exchange is a bit of a prompt potluck. 

I'm a true-blue eager beaver. I'll be getting the party started Thursday evening. See you soon.

Recycled book art by Linda


  1. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation, and thanks for sharing Suzy's poem. What a lovely gift!

  2. What a special week you've had Linda. My grandson graduated this year & will be registering next week. Times have changed! Your 'line' idea is fun. I'll try to make it, going to the beach, but family won't be there until Saturday! Thanks!

  3. Linda, thanks for sharing about your daughter's graduation on social media. I have been following the festivities. what a great poem you chose this week. Challenge time: I will send you one of my quick jot poems and you send me a spring digital inspiration for an upcoming gallery.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and to you for another successful year "teaching and nurturing". I love the poem, you chose for this week, Linda. I'll be on the hunt for a line to share next week.

  5. Looking forward to next week. What a clever idea, a line exchange! Boy, you have had a busy week. I'm hoping you were able to take it all in and rejoice. Such a wonderful time!

  6. Congratulations to you and your daughter on her graduation. I love the teaching poem. Now off to hunt for a line to share next wee!

  7. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation -- an unforgettable milestone for all of you. Thanks for sharing Suzy's poem and enjoy your summer!

  8. What a lovely poem--thank you, all of you teachers. You change the world every day! Congratulations on your daughter's graduation:>)

  9. Sounds like more than one great reason to celebrate— daughters, academic pursuits, family togetherness, life, teaching, the arrival summer, AND a hunt for poetry line treasure. Congratulations to your daughter and wishing her much success and happiness in life.

  10. What a sweet poem, Linda. Happy summer to you. I can't wait for an update on your writing project!

  11. Ah what a full week you had–Many congratulations to your daughter and lots of success as she begins this new journey! Thanks for sharing the poem and call for a poem line swap… I'll be on the look out.

  12. I love the poem Linda. I'm on my way to two teacher retirement events this week and the poem is just perfect to slip into a card! I'll see if I have any bits of poetry unused lying around.


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