Thursday, March 19, 2020

Apology from the Backyard Puddle

Happy Poetry Friday,

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     Raise your hand if you are a William Carlos Williams fan. Oh, the richness of this sorry-not-sorry apology for eating those plums.
Poetic snark. no?

William Carlos Williams,''This Is Just to Say'' from The Collected Poems: Volume I, 1909-1939, copyright ©1938 by New Directions Publishing Corp. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp.

     Last month, I was combining Laura Shovan's February Poem Project water prompt with Ethical ELA's Five Day writing prompt. Honestly, I did this for efficiency. My writing time is best in the morning before school...and that time is  was short! I kinda like how this poem turned out. I learned that Jory soil is unique to Oregon (a nod to Jone the photographer of the photo below). Huh!

Photo by Jone Rush MacCulloch
Apology From the Backyard Puddle

This is just to say

I have flooded the
the Jory soil*
in the bald patch
of our backyard

And which
you were probably
going to seed
for spring

Forgive me
the reflected winter tree
in fifth position
prima ballerina dancing

(c) Linda Mitchell

*Jory = the state soil of Oregon. It’s made up of material washed down from higher mountains.

Now, go have some fun at the Poetry Friday Round-up hosted by one of my all time favorite artists, poet's and people in tune with what's good and right, Michelle.


  1. This was one of my favorites of yours from last month, Linda! I especially love that final stanza.

  2. What a cool and unexpected ending!

  3. I like this poem of yours too Linda, I don't remember this ending from last month–nice, and Carlos' poem is delicious, thanks!

  4. I enjoyed this one back in February and again today. I love that William Carlos Williams poem, too!

  5. Linda, opening with this line made me smile: "Poetry Friday is so much like taking a walk." My walk starts with you today and I am glad that I did. The reflected tree seen is not only very interesting but compariing it to a ballerina position is wonderful.

  6. I love my little wander amongst poetry friends - especially now as I can so easily imagine I am there with you! This is delightful. I love that 'Jory' soil - and I the surprise prima ballerina dancing tree. (So different to the gidgees (which are trees - to answer your Q) in my poem today.)

  7. Such a delightful poem (yes I'm a WCW fan so this was especially wonderful)! And I learned about Jory soil today!! Thank goodness for this PF community.

  8. Such a cool wcw-style poem, Linda. Thanks for letting us walk in your backyard and share your poetry. :)

  9. The 5th position... thanks for the challenge! Always love the WCW plum poem, a great mentor text. Kudos!

  10. I think I missed seeing this in the challenges, or maybe forgot. Nevertheless, fun poem, especially the ending. Molly used the WCW form to write to the photo this week. I wonder who inspired who?

  11. Leave it to you to find the dancer in a puddle, Linda. I so admire the way you dance through your days with your creative learning lifestyle!

  12. I hadn't seen this one during Feb either, Linda--I love the idea that the water just couldn't help seating itself at the ballet! That poem--love it, and wondering anew why it's just so attractive through the decades. Because we all do things we know we shouldn't, but which we are not really sorry for? : )

  13. Hand raised! I'm a WCW fan! Thanks for teaching me a new word. We had 3 inches of rain in a short period of time this week, so I might have to write an apology from the LAKE in our back yard!

  14. Jory is such a great word. I love with way it sounds and what it means. How beautiful to see the tree as a ballerina. Thank you for sharing this!

  15. I just love that last image, Linda. It makes me happy that the February poetry project continues on as everyone shares their poems and the prompts.

  16. That's a beautiful apology! I do love "This is Just to Say," which you gloriously presented in purple. Thanks for 'Jory'. Great word to have in your back pocket for Scrabble. Wonder if it's a proper noun!

  17. I'm a fan of William Carlos William--and of learning words like Jory, and of unexpected ballerinas in puddles!


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