Thursday, March 5, 2020

How ? A poem of questions

How did Poetry Friday come round again so fast?
Who sped up this week's time?
Was it YOU? Slow down please!

Although, I cannot complain about a quick approach of Spring. I need spring, don't you?

Oh, so many questions!

Our Sunday Night Swaggers are writing Question Poems this week. Again, I am inspired by a photograph from Molly Hogan. The question poem below springs from her photo.

Molly Hogan 2020


Can one drop of rain
hold so much memory?
Of thunderclouds grabbing up sky
before the storm?
Scratches of atmosphere
electric with light and sound?
A fall -- steep and free,
landing on branch
to cling to -- see?
Will this drop greet bridge gladly
on rain’s way to the sea?
Barrel along river
at breakneck speed?
With a kiss from leaf
fancying saffron forsythia dreams?
How one drop of rain
can hold so many mysteries--

(c) Linda Mitchell
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Reflections on the Teche

Be sure to check out the rest of Poetry Friday at Sloth Reads sometime this weekend!


  1. Molly's photo was a poem in itself with that reflected bridge, like the mysteries in one drop of rain. Such amazing imagery in your poem.

  2. How indeed! One drop, one photo, one poem - so much to ponder! Beautiful imagery.

  3. Linda, your poem is a stunning response to a stunning photo. I especially love the image of those "saffron forsythia dreams."

  4. Ah, you've made me want those "saffron forsythia dreams". They are a favorite spring pop-up! We're having beautiful weather right now, but March is crazy in Colorado, so we also could have a blizzard! Love the idea of a question poem, and your first one is a great opening, Linda!

  5. This poem gets at the heart of our human curiosity. I love "thunderclouds grabbing up sky," and all the rest of it!

  6. There's so much beauty in this post and all the question marks of it. (Plus, that photo!)

  7. Lovely! I love the premise of this poem—that a rain droplet has memory. And Molly's photo? Just gorgeous!

  8. Stunning photo and fabulous poem. Just beautiful!

  9. I like the poem also, and it reminds me of another I read this morning, about memory and water. Yes to the saffron forsythia dreams... that is an image I will ponder. Love it!

  10. Oh my, this is just stunning, Linda!

  11. Linda, what a good pairing-Molly's amazing photo and your question poem! This line makes me long for spring: "With a kiss from leaf
    fancying saffron forsythia dreams?"
    Here's to glorious spring-searching days!

  12. Your language and imagery are wonderful in this poem, Linda! I especially like "Scratches of atmosphere
    electric with light and sound" and, of course. those "saffron forsythia dreams." I also so enjoyed how you started your post with a string of questions, leading us right into the challenge form!

  13. Beautiful Linda, I love the movement and voice of the poem as the drop begins interacting with bridge, leaf and dreams…


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