Thursday, May 7, 2020

Mom and Me

Hello Lovely May,

See one of my favorite pictures from a long time ago? My mom and I were different in lots of ways. I tended to the abstract and dreamy -- she was a lover of precision and the finite. Both of us loved argument.

We certainly had our moments as we reared each other.  She was twenty when I was born. Who on earth knows how to raise a human soul outside one's own at that age?

One thing Mom did know was that reading was good--a gift for us both. Memories of story time with her and my sisters are joy-filled.

Sister, Mom and me with the sweet cheeks...hated them then and still do!


She was a math and science Mom
I was built for pretty words

As we grew together
we fell in love by page turns

Her precision met my poetical
fairy tale by fairy tale
Bible story by Little Golden Book.

Terms of our peace laid out and agreed upon
from Once Upon a Time until The End.

(c) Linda Mitchell -- draft

Happy Mother's Day to all those that fit the varied descriptions of motherhood...the aunties,
the birthmothers, the adoptive mothers, the friends, neighbors, mentor women.
I've been blessed with all. I am grateful.
recycled book art by Linda 2020
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  1. Oh, Linda. Well done! All your poetry discipline is paying off, because time and again you just wow me with your words! This last line is a perfect culmination.
    Hoping your Mother's Day is special. Are you still all sharing space, there? Big hugs!

    1. Good Morning, dear Kat. This comment means a lot coming from you. Yes, we are all still together just like the old days when there was a monster box of fresh diapers in the corner and Barney's 'Clean-up' song played in a loop. I hope you and yours are well. hugs!

  2. Linda I can feel your heart and generosity in the post... to grow with one's mom -- that can be a tough thing, and beautiful, too, differences and all. Your artsy-craftsy-ness always makes me smile! Thank you! xo

  3. This is beautiful, Linda. The way that you've come to peace with your differences through maturity and understanding, storybooks and poetry. ("We certainly had our moments as we reared each other." Yes!) It also sounds like we shared many of the same books on our childhood shelf. Love your eloquent poem from start to finish, but this is probably what will stick with me most: "As we grew together/we fell in love by page turns."

  4. I love the picture, Linda, and the poem is a love note to your mother! I love "we fell in love by page turns". No matter the differences, there is always a way to love one another. And your art, too, is lovely. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Finding the way that made you and your mother connect is real and full of love. Mother's Day is a mixed bag for so many. I am beyond grateful that I still have two mothers in my life, as well as two daughter-mothers. I just wish we could all be together. Sigh.

  6. Such a lovely post from beginning to end -- your heartfelt, insightful poem, the wonderful old photo, your gorgeous recycled book art. Your relationship reminds me of the one I had with my mother. We were opposite in many ways, most notably -- I was the dreamy one, she was the practical, precise one. But, like you two, we found ways to complement our different natures. Happy Mother's Day!

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  8. A wonderful, heart-filling post. We all struggle to find ways to love one another, making this poem universal in its appeal. Family members can pose quite a challenge, yet we love them... kudos on this! And I hope you do have a happy Mother's Day.

  9. Kindred spirits in many ways yet different in others meet on a solid ground of love! Yes, your poem is beautifully crafted. Happy Mother's Day, Linda.

  10. Oh, that picture is a treasure and what a beautiful poem you've created. I love how you mention you and your mother "rearing" each other. These lines really resonated for me, "As we grew together/
    we fell in love by page turns." How lovely that you celebrate a relationship of love and growing with your mother. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  11. Reading together is such a legacy, truly the gift that keeps on giving. Delightful and poignant. And please tell me that you didn't hate your sweet cheeks (still adorable) when you were 4!!

  12. "we fell in love by page turns" This beautiful line sums up the whole post. What a tribute to your mom!

  13. Falling in love by page turns--wow. gorgeous poem, Linda. Your poetry just gets better and better! Love your recycled book art, too. And both my husband and I, as well as both daughters, have "the cheeks." There are worse things...right? hahaha

  14. Linda, your mom looks young indeed! What an intelligent mom to know that reading was so important. I love these lines in your poem:

    As we grew together
    we fell in love by page turns

    Thank you for sharing this draft. It's definitely a keeper!

  15. I tried to post a comment yesterday but it didn't work out. Who knows. Anyhow, I felt such a kinship to you in that you and your mom had such a connection through books. Mine was a younger mother, too, but she and I had a similar personality I guess, even though it did not last all my life. She inspired my love of words and books and poetry. And I echo the others, what a tightly done poem with that phrase about page turns. I always loved and recalled always how she would look up and look me in the eye as she read interesting parts. She also used such great voices. I know it helped me as a teacher. You know there are no courses for being a mom.....only love and it comes in all sorts of permutations but I think a foundation sown on books is beautiful. I love the photo. I think you are younger than I. TV was hardly in use when I was little so lots of time for books. And oh those Golden Books I so loved. Wonderful, Linda.

  16. Love this picture from your childhood. Your poem is wonderful, especially "we fell in love by page turns." So good!

  17. Lovely! Thank you for this post!

  18. Thanks for this fun peek into your family past Linda, and I love the poem, especially the weaving of both your interests in it, and your rose book art too!

  19. Linda this is such a lovely post. the line that got me was "Her precision met my poetical". Perfect!


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