Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thank you and ISO

These days I am literally a kid in a candy store with so many opportunities to write in community.

Last week there were three invitations embedded into Poetry Friday. Come on and bring your notebook and pencils, pens or whatever you write with!

Kat Apel invited us to create a shape poem.

My Cat Paisley

In last week's Today's Little Ditty, Nikki Grimes invited us to write poems in response to Wendell Minor's gorgeous illustrations in Southwest Sunrise (Bloomsbury 2020) with bonus points for tanka or haiku.

Carol Varsalona invites poets to add to her padlet Nature Nurtures

But wait, there's more! #poemsofpresence appears daily on twitter sparked from Margaret Simon's monthly challenge for May at Today's Little Ditty.

If you aren't already, I invite you to write in community too.


I'm looking for craft advice related to revision. Book titles, blog articles, sage advice that's worked for you. If you have some to share, please do. I'm revising...and it's not very fun yet. I hear it can be fun. So, how to get there? Thanks in advance. I have a short list of resources I've already collected. Can you help increase my collection?

Donald Hall's 1993 interview with Martin Lammon
Flying Revision's Flag."

Naomi Shihab Nye on revision

Juan Felippe Herrera on revision

The Poet's Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry by Kim Addonizio & Dorianne Laux (W.W. Norton Co. 1997)

Please head over to Jama for a delicious helping of Poetry Friday.


  1. Love the alliteration in your shape poem!

  2. Ditto my comment about last week, Linda. So much good stuff in your poetry. The alliteration is lovely in your kitty poem - but I especially loved tear-shaped. Because yes, I see it. But I hadn't, until you said it. And my goodness your bottle of Blue Preserves... So good! Loving your work, my friend! (And sorry, I can't help you on your revision Q. I probably break all the rules when I just do it. (I guess I have a Nike approach.😁))

  3. Linda, I am so excited that you chose to provide #NatureNurtures2020 with your "Blue Preserve" poem. It has such a unique perspective-such a sweet and delicious poem with great imagery. Your other poems were interesting also. Thank you for starting a list on revision. I would like to access those pieces also.

  4. So much here to love, LInda. It was fun to write for Nikki & the Southwest, sad that I didn't make it to create for Kat but I love yours. That idea of your Blue Preserves is awesome and the picture, too. As for books, oh, so many I'm sure, but I've enjoyed & learned from Kim Stafford's The Muses Among Us. Thanks for all!

  5. As always lots of goodness here. I love that your cat is called Paisley and that your poem is paisley shaped - because I have a thing about paisley and in fact am wearing a paisley shirt right now. Revision? Ruuuuuun! But seriously, it's my Achilles heal, too. For my poetry though I do find reading it aloud, especially if I can move too, really helpful in working out the bumps.

  6. Wow, so much goodness, Linda! I think you are LITERARILY a kid in a candy store. My very intense favorite here is Blue Preserve--I need a whole pantry full of that and now I know how to get it. I'll be printing this one out.

    Here are my own revision advices, and I'm sure everyone mentions these in their official authoritative guides.
    1) Listen to someone else read it out loud.
    2) Come back later. Like the next morning, and then again a week later and then again much later, if it's still interesting.

    As they say on Facebook, "following" this post to see what others share!

  7. These are wonderful! I will definitely be back at the end of the day to see what everyone has offered about revision.

  8. I love how you grab onto writing prompts and take them for a poet-filled ride. I take some, but not all. Blue Preserve is so inviting. We all crave blue at one time or another. I wish I could paint the bayou blue. One of the best pieces of advice I have about revision is the let it sit part. Once you are away from it and come back, your view is fresh. I only like revision when it works and I get something wonderful as a result.

  9. Wow, you've been busy with all the community writing challenges! Enjoyed all your poems. Must admit "Blue Preserve" is my favorite. BLUE!

  10. Wow...Your Blue Preserve poem is exquisite! Wish I'd written that. ;D For poetry revision books, I turn to Ted Kooser's "The Poetry Home Repair Manual." Best to you, and thanks again for this lovely post.

  11. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful write-togethers happening in our community, Linda.

    For revision, I love going through the articles at the Fiction University website. There is some great craft advice!

  12. So much to ponder. I love the Southwest poems as I spend time in Abiquiu and love, love, love Georgia O’Keefe. and the canning of a short sleeve...swoon. Will be reading Naomi this weekend. I have a shelf devoted to her.

  13. Wow, Linda! What a variety of poems you've crafted this week. I miss having a "playful, purring" kitty, so I'm partial to Paisley. And the blues in your image for "Blue Preserve" are so inviting. Yes to the slow sipping of "sweet, sweet blue!"

  14. Love that blue day you've saved for later!
    Good luck with your revisions!

  15. I love the term "writing in community." It truly has been a gift during this unusual moment (moments!) in time. Our live Teach Write "time to write" sessions have been bursting at the seams. Proof positive that writing and writing in community is healing. I think it will stick. Be well! -- Christie @

  16. These are great, Linda--I especially love that jar of blue preserves!

  17. Laura Salas left a comment on my blog telling me that your "Blue Preserve" poem is on the same page as my post this week! I love it! Thanks for all your writing in community!

  18. Hey! How great that you took up Nikki's challenge, Linda! What a wonderful surprise. :) I especially love your haiku. I think I should invest in a pair of horns to put on whenever life seems inhospitable! lol. As for revision, not much to add (sorry), I'm kind of like Margaret. I don't find it fun, but I do trust in the knowledge that my writing will ALWAYS be better for it.

  19. I'm always impressed by your ability to take on multiple challenges, Linda. Blue Preserve is a favorite for me, too. I don't have any revision advise to share. I'm barely getting anything written, much less revised! lol

  20. Hi Linda,
    I just love your generous, inspiring post. Your beautiful poem for Carol's #Nature'sNutures2020 padlet is so meaningful to me as I watch our grandchildren growing. How I wish I could hold onto these lovely, loving moments for always. I did create a Haiku for Nikki's post and was pleased I could. I do love writing in community and have pledged to myself to do more so I wrote one for Margaret's,too. When I am home I will look at my shelf for some revision book ideas. I love to have good ideas, so this is going to be a great resource and thank you for sharing. Have you seen Marjorie Maddox's new book on poetry? I love that one. (No revision as I recall, but good for ideas.) Your Paisley poem is a delight!!! Thank you for this wonderful post.
    Janet Clare F.


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