Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spiritual Thursday October


This month's inspiration comes from Margaret who shared this quote-prompt from the Enneagram Institute

"Consider the Holy Ideas today: No matter what type you are, in Holy Love, our sense of separateness dissolves, and we know ourselves as arising from the brilliant light of Divine Love that creates and sustains the universe."

    (c) Linda Mitchell


  1. How those sunflowers brighten the day, Linda! They symbolize steadfast faith, worship, and unconditional love. Your words are a spark of hopefulness, a willingness to find beauty in others and all around us - it is good, yes. Let us always be turning our faces to the light. Thank you for being a ray. :)

  2. Linda, with this beautiful thought in mind, I will take my walk in peace today, knowing that nature and the hand of God will walk with me. Many thanks for the beauty you have sent into the world today.

  3. Thank you for this lovely thought and image. I'm smiling!!!


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