Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Spiritual Thursday December Round-up

 Hello Friends,

Are you in the quiet of December? The hushing of our northern hemisphere as it settles down for a long winter's nap? Or, are you in the hub-bub of holiday preparations? Either way, we've made it to a milestone...the end of 2020. My goodness. So few of us are unscathed. Many of us that participate in Spiritual Thursday have prayer requests. If you pray, please take a moment to ask for healing, safety, protection, and holy covering for those in need.

I chose the word reflection as an inspiration for December for the action of reflecting on what has been. December snow and ice can also bring reflected light. 

A mirror cannot be a mirror without a backing. The backing must be darker than the glass for an image to reflect back. 2020 was a seriously dark backing for us. For me, there are some silver linings from 2020. I hope you have found some too.

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Outside the Dining Room window Linda M.

Reflection. noun. 2. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. 3. "the reflection of light"

Kayaking at Silver Spring, Florida Linda M.


  1. Here's my post:

    Thanks for hosting! I really like your mirror metaphor.

  2. Linda, your post is an inspiration for it takes us back to reflect on what has been. The 2020 darkness echoes in my mind allowing me to open my eyes to the shine of nature. Many thanks for hosting and letting my reflective thoughts surface in a positive light. My post, Focus on Life's Blessings, can be found at

  3. Thanks for hosting, Linda. I like your idea about reflection. Here is my link:

  4. I, too, thought of a mirror as a way to speak on reflection - and oh are your reflections of this year of years accurate. What beauty you choose to see in it all (I also celebrate those cypresses in the photo - a favorite symbolic tree representing resilience and longevity). Thank you for hosting. Here's my bit:

  5. I love what you've done here with the darkness behind the mirror of reflection. I'm sorry I couldn't join in today. I may have some time this weekend to write. Thanks for taking on the round up.

  6. Thanks for hosting our gathering and inviting us to reflect with you this month. I love your acknowledgment of the darkness and then a turn to the shine of this year. We need to do both. A bit late, but finally here with my reflection written last month as I sought solace from the words of hymns.

    1. "Holy covering for those in need." Thanks for the prayers, SJT friends.

  7. What lovely images you share in this post! The image of the dark backing that's needed for reflection--what an empowering metaphor for this year. Thank you!

  8. Hello! I have enjoyed following the Spiritual Thursday posts after Ramona told me about them. She suggested that I share a link this month about reflection. Thank you for letting me join you.


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