Thursday, December 10, 2020

Winter Poem Swap WOW!

 Hello Friends,

It's Friday. Let's share poetry. Thank you, Buffy, for rounding up all links so that we can share even more this first night of Hannukah in a second week of advent. What a delicious time of year.

I am a fortunate poet to be able to share a poem in conversation with Tabatha who sent me the most delightful package of Winter Poetry Swap goodies.

First, the poem. I'm delighted that Tabatha took a line from a duplex I wrote to spark her own duplex of response. It becomes our poem to share with you.

Clear The Wreck

by Tabatha Yeatts
from a line by Linda Mitchell

Poets throw lines to clear the wreck
concealed in the secret sea.

     We discover the ship, sunk in the sea,
     Half-whole, half-hidden by sand.

Other poets, faces hidden by sand,
wield pens to pry open portholes.

    Pry them open! What resides inside 
    that barnacled hull? What treasures await? 

Lost treasures scuttle from sight and page,
Will there be enough air for the search? 

    As we search, our attention divides
    between our breath and pens in hand.

Trusty pens dig through rubble
tossing dreck aside. So much debris!

    The ship's debris lies heavy and cold.
    We turn the pens on high, watch it scatter.

Pile high the spoils! Time to ascend.
Poets throw lines to clear the wreck.

Tabatha also fed my latest obsession of mixed media art by sending along some fun and arty scrapbooking papers to play with along with a box of AFFIRMATORS! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help Yourself--without the self-Helpy-Ness!

Oh, boy do I feel seen, Seen, SEEN! 
And, it's pretty great. I thought I'd share an affirmation card with you all and see where it takes you in your writing. If something sparks...please share!

Nothing is Wasted

No experience is ever wasted--even if
what I'm working on turns out to be a total
dumpster fire. When I spend time on a 
project, it's always* good practice. Plus, it
makes me better at making whatever-that-
thing-is. And if what I was trying to make was
a dumpster fire, then I'm already five steps
ahead of the game.

*Well, at least 98.7% of the time.

Happiest of holidays to you and yours. Stay safe, stay healthy we...I...need you.


  1. What a treasure you received--papers to play with, and a beauty of a poem that you inspired! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I love the idea of turning pens on high, Linda (& Tabatha). And your gift of 'loot' is quite wonderful. I just gave some similar cards to my daughter for her birthday! The card you shared is so true! Any experience, better than zero experience. Thanks & have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your gift(s) is our gift, Linda! Thank you for sharing Tabatha's poem, sparked by you! I love the line: "tossing dreck aside" - it must be done to get to the treasures. And thank you for sharing the Affirminator card. You helped me figure out the perfect gift for both of my daughters! :)

  4. How fabulous. I'm delighted for you - all those paper treasures to create with... and a rollicking poem to rouse you into action. I love it!

  5. Our poem goes nicely with your affirmators card! Clearing the wreck is a good experience even if the spoils are scanty :-)

    1. Oh, you caught my little hat tip. ha! Yes, I love the affirmators cards so much. They are wonderful. And, look at how powerful that word "pens" has been. My goodness...that fast catch last night was a godsend, thank you! xo

  6. Thanks for sharing this poem! I love the image of pens prying open portholes to get to the treasures inside.

  7. Oh, what a lovely poem and gift. I was especially intrigued by the line will there be enough air for the search? I really like the affirmation. This is one I really need!

  8. Wow, the first two stanzas of Tabatha's poem set up such magic! Thank you for sharing a poem about your own creative practice. I'm with you -- no time spent creating is wasted.

  9. So much goodness here. Love Tabatha's extended metaphor -- wonderful poem. And what treats she sent you. I also agree that no effort is ever wasted when it comes to writing/creative arts.

  10. Your Winter Poem Swap loot is a wonderful holiday gift, Linda. Love this thought: Poets throw lines to clear the wreck. You and Tabatha made great swappers. Affirmation cards are great for the end-of-year reflections or beginning-of-the-year projections. Happy Holidays. I will close on my Gainesville home next Friday. I finally am getting excited but my daughter says COVID cases are on the rise in VA. This makes me nervous.

  11. You know how much I love the duplex form. This poem from Tabatha is such a great gift. And how we affirmation these days! I need a pack to go with the poem seeds some little bird sent me this week.

  12. "Pile high the spoils" indeed! Tabatha's poem is wonderful, and I love those affirmator cards! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.

  13. Lucky you--a deep affirmating dive into the creative lines that poets throw. It is a fine thing to feel seen. That's exactly how I felt to receive a neatly folded P-is-for-packet of poem seeds this week. You are a wonder, Linda!

  14. You and Tabatha did a great job on that poem - it really does describe what the writing process is like sometimes! "Our attention divides between our breath and pens in hand."

  15. Poets do have an important mission to Clear the Wreck. Tabatha's poem provides a great metaphor for what poets try to do. I especially like Nothing is Wasted. It resonates as it does seem at time we work and don't get anywhere when that's not really true. Thanks for sharing these!

  16. "Poets throw lines to clear the wreck." What a fascinating image this conjures up, her entire poem jumps out to me in imagery–and built from one of your lines. Enjoy all these treasures Linda, and thanks sharing her journey–gift!

  17. I just read Austin Kleon's weekly newsletter. One of his shares was that "quantity leads to quality." What a bounty Tabatha sent to you, the most of which was the SEEING of you! What a gift!

    Speaking of which, I am HONORED to have a piece of your multimedia art! Thank you SO much for the bookmark! I LOVE it!

  18. How wonderful. I love these swaps.


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